Argentina: Communique for bombing of prison office and arsons of police and bourgeois cars

from vla, transl wos:

At the same time that we are attacking the police, they are carrying out their habitual tasks, harassing and humiliating street people who don’t have a roof to sleep under or beating a prisoner who refuses to remain obedient to the guards’ orders. In Argentina, we know well that they torture, that the police torture in all of the prisons they have at their disposal. And as is police custom, they always pick out the weakest, the most defenseless.

Laura Maria Acosta and Cecilia Hidalgo remain in our memory as a recent murder by the federal penitentiary regime, as well as all those who are murdered by the police and the guards inside and outside of the prisons.

On Sunday 12/30/2012 at 3:50 AM, we made a bomb explode in the main entrance of the National Office of the Argentina Federal Penitentiary Service (SPF) at 2705 Lavalle street near Pueyrredon Avenue. The explosion caused destruction to the front of the building, but unfortunately none of the prison guards were wounded. The press reported that the device was set off [in a controlled explosion] by the police following the alert from the SPF guards concerning the presence of a suspicious package, and that it was thrown from a moving vehicle–all lies.

There was nobody guarding the place and therefore the explosion surprised all the executioners who were there.

Now you have been warned: your very existence will be attacked by those who love freedom, because we will go even to the doors of your houses and if we can we will also enter into them so that our fire will burn you completely, and we’ll see if you really are as brave as you are around unarmed prisoners.

We dedicate this attack to all the anarchist prisoners in the world and we complicitly salute all those who fight inside and outside of the prison walls.

We also take responsibility for the incendiary attacks on the 27th Precinct of the Argentina Federal Police, the vehicle belonging to the 51st Precinct, the Mercedes Benz in Belgrano neighborhood, and the police car belonging to the Metropolitan Police in the de Saavedra neighborhood.

Friends of the Earth /
Informal Anarchist Federation.

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