Olympia, WA: New City Hall Sabotaged

From Puget Sound Anarchists:

Sometime yesterday we entered the new city hall in Olympia Washington and damaged the plumbing in both the male and females bathroom with quickset cement. This action comes on the heels of May Day. A day where anarchists should be remembering the fight of all those who came before them, and we think this remembrance should come in the form of a continuation of the struggle. We must never forget all those who the state has stolen from us, and we must continue our attacks. We do these attacks because we are anarchists and we desire the immediate destruction of both the state and capital. This action done in solidarity with the five anarchists from the Haymarket riot whom the state either directly of indirectly executed. And all those who continue to wage war on all forms of domination.

Total Solidarity with the Haymarket Anarchists!

Kill Their Kings and Burn Their Kingdom


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