Spain: Explosion at union headquarters in Ferrol

From This Is Our Job:

In the early hours of April 27, unknown people broke a window at the headquarters of the sell-out UGT (Union of Grotesque Traitors) in Ferrol, A Coruña province, leaving behind two incendiary devices whose detonation shattered several windows and caused a small fire in the reception area.

No one has thus far claimed responsibility, but everything points to the action being carried out in the context of rejecting the union mafia in the lead-up to the May 1 international day of labor struggle against oppression (camouflaged by a number of different names, forms, political systems, and structures) by bourgeois elites.

This isn’t the first action of its kind in Galicia, where sabotage against UGT and CCOO headquarters have become rather frequent since the resounding failure of the September 2010 strike.

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