Sabotage of five major train lines in Southern Ontario

from @news:

Police brutality and targeted violence against poor people are standard operating procedures. Police violence is not pointless. The essential function of this violence is to protect capital. In February the Police shot dead a native man accused of stealing two lemons. Several other young men of color have died by police firing squads in Toronto in 2010.When the police unleashed their violent campaign to siege the City of Toronto for the G20. I launched a campaign of my own. I have copper-wired 5 major train lines to simulate the presence of a train on the tracks. this obstruction can take hours to find and clear, while the major train track delays can cost millions of dollars a minute. The rail lines are an important trade route for the economy and extremely vulnerable to sabotage.

What I did
Use a fairly thick but pliable gauge of copper-wire. (Found at hardware stores.)

Cut the wire so that it is at least one foot longer than twice the size of the rails.

Knock the train rocks from underneath two adjacent spots on the track to feed the wire underneath the rail.
(I used a hammer and strong thin metal piece like rebar to knock the rocks out.)

Loop the wire over the tracks and tie off the wire with itself, making a continuous loop.

Press the wires firmly against the rails to get the most points of contact.

May resistance to capitalism and its state goons grow uncontrollable
Solidarity with those on the streets combating state violence every day and on March 15th, the International Day Against Police Brutality
Solidarity with the Montreal Anarchists facing repression

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