Seattle, WA: Chase Bank attacked on May Day (updated with communique)

Update: the following communique was released on

In the early hours of the morning on May 2nd, with the fire of past Maydays still rushing through our veins, we attacked an institution that perpetuates the isolation and alienation we feel in our daily lives. This was a small act in solidarity with the Asheville 11, the Haymarket anarchists, and all comrades in prison or facing repression around the globe. For all those who have not been tamed by the horrors of society. To greet fear with a warm embrace. May our memories become tinder for the fire that is to come.

A few anarchists


from the bourgeois press are not releasing (links added by war on society):

Vandals smashed out the windows of the Chase Bank branch near Brooklyn Ave overnight, marking the fifth time Puget Sound-area banks have been vandalized in recent weeks.

Seattle police said a person who called 911 saw 4 to 5 people break the windows at the bank near the intersection of Brooklyn Ave and NE 43rd Street at about 4 a.m. and drive off in a red Dodge Neon.

Several windows were broken, as well as glass in entry doors on both sides of the building, but the alarm never went off because it was not tripped, police said.

Officials said it did not appear the vandals entered the bank, but they left a note on the sidewalk near the building.

On April 22, vandals smashed windows at a Chase Bank branch in the city’s Capitol Hill neighborhood and police said the vandals left unspecified “literature” at the scene.

The same bank was vandalized on March 5, when someone broke a window and threw paint on the building. Windows at the bank were also broken on February 26, when a group of rioters attacked Seattle police in the area.

In Olympia, police believe a group of anarchists are responsible for smashing windows at a bank there last month.

Investigators in Olympia said the anarchists may be targeting financial institutions in solidarity with a similar group that was arrested and being prosecuted in Asheville, N.C.

It was not clear if Monday morning’s vandalism was directly connected to the other incidents, and police have not said what was on the note left near the scene.

No arrests have been made, and no descriptions of the vandals were released.

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