Italy: Repressive operation targeting anarchists in Florence

The following communiques from informa-azione concern the recent searches and arrests targeting 78 anarchists in Florence, 22 of whom are being charged with subversive association in relation to incitement of a whole series of crimes: numerous and repeated acts of damage, defacement and destruction to ATMs, video surveillance systems, party headquarters, trade unions, and other institutions; illegal occupations of properties; resisting, assaulting and insulting police officers; blockades interrupting road and railway traffic; and violence… roughly translated by War on Society (5/4/2011):

Florence – Repressive operation on anarchists [arrests and searches]

Around 6 am the homes of various comrades active in Florence have been invaded by the agents of repression to implement a new stage in the attack on Anarchy. As recently took place in Bologna, as in this case, the instrument used to strike and arrest the comrades, is the crime of conspiracy. From what we can learn from the diffuse tissues of the state media, this time it would take a new declination: If the prosecution for his fellow Bolognese was initially a “criminal association with subversive purposes,” this time it would, with a strange spin, of “conspiracy to incitement to commit a crime,” supported by specific crimes such as illegal occupation of public buildings; damage, disfigurement, and contamination of real property; resistance, violence and insulting a public official; interruption of public service and private violence.

Note how this attack on the anarchist movement and students in Florence, in addition to having obvious promoters in local administration, has involved the central apparatus of repression Italian as explained in this excerpt:

“The measures were carried out by the Digos and coordinated by the
Central Directorate of Police Prevention (Ucigos). […] The survey also contributed
Secret Service (AISI) with their information support. “[]

To combine specific minor criminal offenses and bring them together under the hat of the crime of association appears to be a strategy administered at the national level, directly involving the nerve centers of repression, to undermine the reality of conflict, dissent and counter-information in the different cities.

Attacks of this kind reveal the fear that it instills in Democratic Power, in observing how certain practices and certain relationships that are reproducible and multiplicatable may disturb the rituals and forms with which Power tries to conceal the reality of oppression and violence.

In solidarity with the Florence comrades


We collect the following reflections and announcements about what is happening in Florence:

Da La Riottosa (“The Riotous” – transl.)

At the end of the operation (devoid of outcome, needless to say?) the comrade who was sleeping in the trailer was brought to his home address to another search warrant, then he is notified of the obligation to sign. We learn that this is one of the 24 measures imposed by the court in an investigation involving several members of the student movement in Florence under Article 416 (criminal conspiracy), who evidently yet another intimidation in the past months was opposed to this deadly climate, of course (prophesy) another tenuous investigation, based only on the political will to strike any dissent, in line with the indications of Maroni, and what happens throughout Italy.

We express our warm affection, our absolute support, our total complicity with those who are affected today by the prosecution, certain that solidarity in the coming hours will be expanded greatly, and the comrades will not be left alone.

Freedom for all suspects!

La Riottosa Sguott


Solidarity from the Occupied Asylum of Turin

Even the comrades of the spazio liberato 400colpi, after the attack on the Fuoriluogo in Bologna are the target of a repressive campaign that aims to strike and to silence all individuals engaged in ongoing conflict and direct action, whoever translates into daily life the radical critique of the existent. This is the price to pay for those who will not bend to compromise, for those who insist to rise and create cracks in the oppressive drabness of the imposed pacification. What cops and judges can not grab, because beyond the patterns of their dull vision, and that the intolerance to the anger that threaten them can not be reduced to an acronym, to limit the scope of labels, actors, fantastic organizational charts or suspected identity, pergiunta created ad hoc. Because they lurk everywhere. Because they are latent and ready to spread everywhere, from every interstice of your control. The media coverage of 22 comrades arrested, those who made a practical contribution to student protests this fall, the determination to be a stimulus to the struggles. We do not know anything more precise, we do not care to discuss the field of crime and accusations, we leave that to the courts and to our enemies. What does interest us is to use solidarity as a practical weapon to defuse the repressive mechanisms, to emphasize that we have no intention of retreating.

Solidarity comrades of Florence, solidarity with the Spazio Liberato 400colpi!

Asilo Occupato – Torino
Wed, 5/4/2011 – 10:13

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