Spain: A few words from Gabriel Pombo da Silva from the prison in Villena

from liberaciontotal, transl waronsociety:

[…] Today the Assistant Director of Security of this prison came to see me, to see to it that they were giving me visitations and letting me use the telephone. He gave me the impression that he was (is) serious.

Therefore you can publicize (aside from my gratefulness for so much solidarity, faxes, etc) that my situation in prison is being resolved little by little; and that the adopted measures are the “norm” with any FIES prisoner–it is not something “extraordinary” because it’s me.

In case there is some “change” or something “anomalous” happens, I will let you know. Now it is advisable (for me) that we settle down a little and see if they fulfill what they promised me (visits, phone calls, etc).

Gabriel Pombo da Silva
Villena Prison

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