Costa Rica: Communique for a number of sabotages in Cartago

from contrainfo, transl waronsociety:

At night on April 3rd and 7th, taking advantage of the mist and the night, we decided to sabotage various commercial establishments of technology, sale of meat, chicken restaurants, pharmacies, telephone transaction establishments like Movistar, as well as appliance stores, etc, because the destruction of the planet by large-scale industry and production doesn’t stop, neither do we, there are enemies all over the place from the disgusting druggies of the sedated and comfortable society who need drugs to survive their non-lives, to the shops of the mega-factory.

Easy, just go buy some sealant like Poxipol, go out at night and fill the locks. While the system advances day by day and its megamachine doesn’t stop enslaving nature and humans, many Facebook-revolutionaries carry out their virtual activism, their frustration is discharged in commentaries and digital battles, thus falling into the system’s trick: these cybernetic anti-system practices don’t do anything to the system except divert action and give vent in a highly comfortable way, anybody fights by computer! Diverting concrete actions on the system into digital actions, or diverting into highly reformist topics for example the struggle against privatization, doesn’t attack the system at its base, it is only making the system return to its old values, whether state benefactor or public system, the system has acted with or without privatization.

Everything is lost under the present conditions of struggle!
Fucking shit up is all that’s left!

We greet across the distance the saboteurs of Russia, Mexico, Chile, Indonesia, Greece, Bolivia and the other compas of this territory who have decided to go into action.

A solitary fox in affinity with the ELF
Cartago, Costa Rica

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