Chile: Claim for incendiary attack against OS9 police station

from materialanarquista, translated by waronsociety:

Through this communique we claim responsibility for the incendiary attack against the OS9 carabineros police station carried out at 8:30 pm on Friday May 17th, on Macul Ave and Grecia (in front of the UTEM) by an organized group of 13 urban guerrillas who, protecting ourselves and having secured sufficient space for the attack by means of a barricade, sent 40 molotov cocktails at various parts of the surrounding buildings, which were seen enveloped in fire for some moments, to then retreat toward an unknown destination and put an end to the operation, which lasted a total of 45 seconds.

Even if the facilities were not able to be burned down due to the material conditions for our achieving it being disadvantageous, we did manage to produce a wide and hysterical police deployment in the area the moments following the attack, whether the excessive shooting of tear gas which covered several blocks around (ourselves having already retreated), or the frantic mobilization of firefighters and various police vehicles including helicopters.

It is for this reason that although having considered the predominantly symbolic character of this attack, we express before all revolutionaries some necessary questions for understanding the historical and practical dynamic of subversion:

1.  When organization, planning and preparation between each other exist, in addition to the knowledges and conspiratorial attitudes in constant development, the range of targets to attack widen considerably and, as such, demonstrate the ever more vulnerable position of power and its institutions before the development of the struggle against them, since history is not static, but rather is among other things an accumulation of recyclable experiences to be reused in the war against this order.

2.  It is for the same reason that in the way in which our attacks reflect this conspiratorial “labor” and the constant overcoming of the historic obstacles that have presented themselves, or, what is the same, in the way in which subversive attacks increase their intensity, these attacks become more concrete and have to overcome the mediocrity of mere symbolism: the history of our actions tends toward their real effectiveness.

3.  The police institution attacked is not only the most obvious historical manifestation of  the entire social framework of Power that, disguised in various ways, shields everything behind itself. This is why the more concrete that the attacks on the guardian institutions of this order are, the more we betray the authoritarian capitalist social structure that it sustains, supplied by morality, ideology, weapons, financing, and laws for its protection: attacks against the police cannot be anything but attacks against the first line of social defense of all Power.

4.  Finally being that there exist, in the line of the particular interests of what dominates and exploits our lives, multiple figures and institutions of authority, the fight against them, aside from being strategic and conscientious, is something daily and, likewise, it is the daily experience of new kinds of relations in war against this society, since revolutionaries are not interested in reforming parts of the daily capitalist garbage in order to keep living passively and calmly, instead we seek to put an end to the existent; we do not want to liberate the prisoners but rather to destroy the prisons; we don’t want to live with dignified wages but rather to put an end to the Capital which valorizes our lives.

Yesterday in the street, today in their quarters, tomorrow everywhere.

Fire to the state, Capital, and all authority! 

        Incendiary Cell for the Subversion of the Existent

Footnote in the original:
* In an obvious ploy to not make known the reality of what happened (which only confirms their impotence and humiliation as such), the press and carabineros, lowering the profile of the event, only made it known as something almost accidental in the framework of a student protest which never existed in which 2 molotov cocktails had fallen in the area. An insolent lie before the real events and those who presented the attack.

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