Madrid, Spain: Attacks on a branch of the Workers Commissions and one of the United Left

from madrid indymedia, translated by war on society:

This morning we destroyed the windows of the branch of the United Left on Madera street and a training branch of the Workers Commissions in the Pacifico area.

We deny the existent order and we confront it with all our rage. The electoral circus is approaching again, when a few will try to proclaim themselves the managers of our misery, who will direct our lives and will decide about us and–let’s not deceive ourselves–this is democracy. We do not feel betrayed by the parties nor by the unions, not now, nor before, nor tomorrow; betrayal comes from one in whom you trusted; we never could believe in those who intend to lead us, in those who present themselves as our representatives, in those who make a pact with the State and Capital. For this reason we have always seen them for what they are: recuperators and maintainers of the existent social order. For this reason we will continue to confront them everywhere and negate them wherever they are.

For the destruction of commodities!!

For the continuation of the attack!!! Let us get into the street, let us reveal ourselves!

To the prisoners on hunger strike Billy, Costa, Marco and Silvia; to all the prisoners.

To Patricia, murdered by the democracy.

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