Action for May 29 and reflection on the affects imposed by civilization

Afrom materialanarquista, translated by waronsociety:

As anarchists we position ourselves in the constant conflict and the insatiable fight of freedom which guides us and incites us to permanent critique and self-critique which are as sharp as our daggers.

Action for the May 29 call to solidarity

and reflection on the affects imposed by civilization

I know there are thousands of prisoners in the world, many more than I can imagine. I know that I share sorrows and joys with many of them, as well as the strong political bond of affinity, of complicity and above all of conviction in this social war.

I know I desire the destruction of the visible and invisible prisons, but above all and with a priority on the visible ones, the ones that distance us from our bodies’ embracing, seeing each other, colliding. Because if in our dreams (my dreams and the dreams of those who read these words) and in each letter and each action we give thousands of embraces across the distance, I know that we also want these to be here and now, and above all physically and for all time!!

Therefore, I also know to stop with them, with mine, with those who show their teeth, those who refuse to be domesticated. With the wild ones who look on power with disdain. Those who remain dignified and who call upon silence when it is an ally, but who shout when it is necessary. Those who do not go in. With them, with the wild and indomitable warriors.

Our love makes it across bars, walls, spreading through the cracks in the cement, and our hatred lights fires, sharpens knives and loads bullets. We launch our howls into the galaxy in hope of being heard by our compañerxs.

But what use are howls if the hypocrites will turn them into mere meows?

Critique of support and solidarity groups

Solidarity is a weapon and therefore we need to trust in those who are ready to fire this weapon without being afraid, without shaking. Therefore it is important that favoritism* does not overtake us.

Among anarchist compañerxs we have affinity and divergence. Not with regard to character or emotion, but to a mutual understanding that allows us to be together or carry out shared actions. So there are compañerxs who remain silent in prison, those we feel a profound affinity with, we are the ones who are supporting them from outside and we choose not to fall into the game of gossip or lies circulated through the social networks which we see increasing lately, along with the lack of seriousness and security in their use.

On this point, I emphasize unity which is framed by aesthetics, music or otherwise and which allows certain shortcomings to pass and which turns the struggle into a cheap spectacle for social networks. With them we have profound divergences.

Understanding relations of support, of friendship, which often do not have expectations of shared convictions, nevertheless I cannot passively watch as combative positions of solidarity for the unyielding compañerxs are diluted due to these kinds of social relations.

In this sense, it is necessary to admit that we often falter among ourselves, and the social fear imposed by banal emotions like favoritism and ‘goodvibeism’ seems to overtake us. With that said, How to support someone when their actions contradict our convictions? How to defend actions which threaten our free lives and our desires to create sincere bonds and deep affinities? How to send love when their actions arose our hatred?

“It might seem that feelings should be kept separate from political analysis, so we could, for example, love someone and not share their ideas at all and vice versa. That is roughly possible, no matter how lacerating it might be. The personal aspect (or that of feelings if you like) must be included in the above concept of going into the range of problems, as instinctively succumbing to our impulses often signifies a lack of reflection and analysis, or not being able to admit to simply being possessed by god.” Bonanno

Our struggle against civilization is also against all its imposed values, since for us only affinity can exist and it has to be consistent, coherent and consequent with our deeds and actions.

So, many relations of solidarity today conceal relations and affects imposed by civilization: Is the unconditional, acritical affection for women in these times when any word against them is branded as machismo not a new affect? Is understanding ourselves and placing ourselves on the side of the one who betrays and hands over valuable facts and information to power–is this not the first sign of our colonization? I ask myself this, I know my afines do as well, and we go through constant and sharp self-review. Plunging our daggers into ourselves if necessary.

I want to send my arms and my hand extended to those compas who with their actions strengthen the bonds of sincere relations and let us see the possibility of free passages.

And my hatred to those who don’t, to those who prefer to watch from the other side and who don’t want to take the blindfolds off their eyes, who prefer lie and hypocrisy. To the police without uniforms, the repentant, those who play both sides. To those who seek celebrity at the cost of the imprisoned compas. To those who hide the shit under their beds and who victimize themselves and go around proclaiming their role as victims wherever they go… Their masks will soon fall off.

Afraid of conflict? Never! Censure our words? NEVER! Permanent conflictuality and constant tension. That the affects imposed by civilization do not overtake us!

Wild and rampant


Power seeks to annihilate us
through moral submission
but our solidarity can combat it!
Freedom to the Bolivian prisoners

Translator’s Note:
* Favoritism in the sense of taking the side of one’s friends over one’s principles.

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