Chile: Carla and Ivan convicted under arms control law, absolved under anti-terrorist act

6e592d492d0cb7aea048229ce7f1c6d2from vivalaanarquia, translated by waronsociety:

Ivan Silva and Carla Verdugo were arrested in April, 2012 transporting a fire extinguisher filled with black powder and two canisters of camping gas, plus a homemade fuse. After spending long months in preventive prison, the compañeros are currently on nighttime house arrest.

On June 3, 2013, a trial began exercised under the disastrous anti-terrorist law, accusing them of “attempted placement of terrorist explosive device.” The prosecution dealt brutally with Ivan and his step-sister Carla, because she is a romantic partner of the compañero Juan Aliste, a subversive prisoner in the Security Case.

Today, June 10, the closing allegations were made by the prosecution, the ministry of the interior and the defense, after a week of oral trial.

At 12 pm the judges of the prison’s Sixth Oral Court delivered the verdict against both compañeros:

Ivan Silva: Guilty of transportation of explosive (under the arms control law)

Carla Verdugo: Guilty of transporting an “activation element” (under the arms control law)

The  change of classification that the judges made in rejecting the use of the anti-terrorist law directly affects the pretentions for imprisonment that the prosecution is proposing. So under the arms control law it is possible that the compañeros could opt for “Surveilled Freedom” (like compañero Luciano has) or even completing the sentence with the time in preventive prison. Even so, it is impossible to trust in the legal traps.

Faced with this situation, the prosecution insisted on asking for 5 years of prison for Ivan and 5 years and 1 day for Carla. The acting inquisitors based this on the presentiary report made by the prison guards where they did not recommend “surveilled freedom” for the accused.

For their part, the defense asked that the sentence be 541 days for each of the accused, to be fulfilled in the street.

Upon exiting, the little prosecutor Héctor Barros, disappointed by the anti-terrorist law not being applied, stated to the press: “We have maintained that the legal qualification that corresponds in this case is that of a terrorist conduct and we have set this out in the trial since the beginning, every time we maintained, and for the common people, I imagine, that going out at night, at 3 am, carrying an explosive device, is not an ordinary conduct (…) It was effectively established that the accused transported explosive devices, in this case a bomb (…) we could establish with technical expertise and the witnesses that they on this day and at this time were on their way to plant it.”

The defense lawyer, Francisco Alvarado, said with respect to the prosecutor’s anti-terrorist petitions, “stubbornly continuing to try to demonstrate that there is terrorism in Chile when there is not.”

On Saturday, June 15 at 12:30 pm. Building C. Level 7. The sentence will be read against the compañerxs where they will deliver the grounds for considering them guilty and also the sentence they will receive.

It is expected that the prosecution will ask for the annulment of the sentence, seeking and insisting on the application of the anti-terrorist law.

End to the anti-terrorist law
end to all laws

Guilty of transporting conviction, dignity and rebellion:
Solidarity with compañera Carla Verdugo and compañero Iván Silva.

Fight the terrorism of the State.

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