Chile: Claim for bus arson outside the Juan Gómez Milla Campus

quememofrom vivalaanarquia, transl waronsociety:

First of all, about the anti-systemics’ false social/anti-social dichotomy… recently there has appeared a growing current of anarchists and nihilists who claim their actions and aims as anti-social; in order to clarify our position as one of these “anti-social” cells, we make clear that:

1st point: in declaring ourselves as anti-social, we simply refer to the etymology of the concept anti-social — in opposition to society — and just as many groups in affinity with radical ideas, against the state and institutionalism, fight tooth and claw for their ideas and their realization, we openly declare ourselves not only at war against one, two or three aspects of society and civilization, but rather declare ourselves at war against everything that is, pertains to, comes from, and helps society prevail in its total globalization.

2nd point: speaking of anti-social war is not a denial of the social ways of spreading the anarchist idea; rather we insist that it is solely a demarcation from the groups which, through violent or non-violent means, neither claim nor carry in their ideas the search for the total destruction of the existent society. We support all of the ways of intensifying anti-systemic, anti-capitalist, anti-civilization ideas; through texts, zines, activities, squats, words of love and rage, reflections and communiques (like this one), But always keeping in mind that mere understanding (if we want to call it that) is not enough, instead it must arise from the hand of concrete, violent and decisive blows.

We have “a” clear and enormous enemy: society and civilization, which we believe encompass capitalism, the hierarchical police states of the world and the madness and alienation that destroy our day-to-day life.

At around 11:30 pm on the well-known juan Gómez milla campus, a collectivity of individuals went out and proceeded with a clear objective.

We waited for the opportune moment and intercepted a 506 line Transantiago bus, getting the riders and the driver off it, to then board and douse the slave transport vehicle with about 20 liters of fuel from end to end; with a homemade lighter we set fire to the bus, which did not hesitate to be completely consumed, and shouted to the area’s police that they’re so vulnerable and pathetic, a salute to the lieutenant officer of the Macul and Grecia preventive operatives, we’re so sorry you filthy bastard =(. (don’t go and misinterpret that irony) [1]

For the sharpening of the insurrectional process that we critical and incendiary minds are raising, for the destruction (not partial but total) of a society that sees us as disposable raw materials, and that has no qualms at destroying millions of lives.

For the brutal and violent intensification of anti-civilization ideas; we do not forget that globalization and its obsession with destroying everything natural is what keeps the planet and our lives subjugated to miserable, psychopathic and maddening routines.

Insurrectional anarchist solidarity for Carlos Gutierrez, arrested a couple days ago in Angol, Chile, after being a fugitive for 6 years for the accusations of armed robbery against the Security Bank where the bastard cop Moyano wound up dead.

A fraternal and complicit kiss for Monica Caballero, Francisco Solar and all those arrested in Zaragota, Spain for the explosive attacks against basilicas and churches.

An indestructible embrace for Alfredo Cospito and Nicola Gai, imprisoned in Italy for attacking a nuclear business bastard.

A shout of war and love for Hans Niemeyer, imprisoned in the high security prison of Santiago Chile, accused of attacking a BCI Bank branch with an explosive device.

And a comforting and rebellious slap on the back for Mario Gonzales, el tripa, a prisoner in Mexico sentenced for a criminal act of arson for using an incendiary-explosive device.

International fraternity!! overrunning all mental borders, all the insurgent cells and individuals are one; cower in fear, bastards of power: cops, judges, institutional politicians, prison guards, businessmen and women… we point you out in the whole world awaiting the right moment to pull the trigger, your heads are in our sights.

Death to all the fucking states of the world.

Death to the civilization that every day drowns deeper the illusion of a happy and less artificial life.

Fire to society and that is why we shout anti-social war! Against all authority and every form of domination.


Translator’s Note:
[1] Macul and Grecia is the intersection in Santiago Chile which has seen the greatest intensity of open conflict in recent decades. The Chilean police now keep a round-the-clock patrol there to try to prevent actions like these.

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from the bourgeois press [in Spanish]:………

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