Mexico: Communique for direct actions in solidarity with Mario González

from contrainfo, transl waronsociety:

To all the unmanageables in Mexico and the World!
To our companions in affinity!
To those who fight for freedom!

“It is the time when it happens again! Into the darkness! The darkness!
Because the night gives us the moment and it knows no mercy!”
–Luigi Galleani

Compañerxs, in the night of December 2nd, two cells participating in informal coordination set off explosive devices in the following structures of Capitalism and the State:

– In the cabin of a Mexico City riot police bus, located at Esperanza and Xochicalco streets, in the Narvarte neighborhood, right next to the Tutelar de Menores [a youth prison]. The bomb exploded, causing damages to the vehicle.

– In a Banamex bank branch located at Eje 10 Sur and Xocoyoacán, in the Pedregal de Santo Domingo neighborhood, causing damages to the infrastructure.

We claim these attacks on the structures of power in solidarity with the fight that compañero Mario Gonzales is waging against the destruction of his individuality in prison. The has compañero already spent 57 days on hunger strike as a form of pressuring for his release; his state of health has deteriorated and as he himself has mentioned, the authorities don’t care about him; moreover we believe that what he is experiencing is a lesson from the GDF [Mexico City Government] for those who again dare to protest using methods unacceptable to the law. We cannot sit around with our arms crossed in the face of this disgrace, nor can we let the fight that the compañero is waging in the system’s dungeons pass us by. We decided to act, in the way we know how, in the way we prefer, knowing and maintaining that any gesture of solidarity is always necessary to send strength and greater courage to our compañero Mario, and to any compañerx who is in a condition of flight or imprisonment.

These attacks are also our offensive response to the offensive that the government is waging against the anarchist specter: intimidation, house raids, harassment, people being followed, surveillance, beatings, torture, etc. And we firmly believe that the response be necessary and diverse, by day or by night, individually or collectively, with or without claim of responsibility, with or without a firm cell, by molotov, rocks, machetes, arms, propaganda or explosives; a fierce response against a beast that has affected us little by little and always a little more.

A special case: The Tenochtitlán Salvation Front

Compañerxs, for about a year now, an ultra-nationalist group called the Tenochtitlán Salvation Front (FST) has been usurping our actions, and this last explosion at the Banamex it appeared again. On June 26 of last year (2012), an explosive device went off, apparently by accident, on our compañero Mario López, who has repeatedly declared himself to be an individualist and alien to any claims of responsibility or action groups; further, he claimed his individual authorship of the unfinished action. This event took place in downtown Coyoacan; several kilometers from there, in an action not coordinated with his, various cells of CARI-PGG carried out attacks with explosives in Netzahualcóyotl City EDOMEX against a PAN [National Action Party] office; in Tlalnepantla Artefacto against the regional office of the PRI [Institutional Revolutionary Party] located next to the municipal presidency; and finally and most famously, a device in the Picacho Ajuzco CFE [Federal Electricity Commission], where we supposedly left a message stating the authorship of the fascist group Tenochtitlán Salvation Front.  What came out of these events was that they wanted to press the federal charges for the CFE on our compañero Mario, and that they accused our compañera Felicity Ryder, presently a fugitive, for the CFE and for belonging to this fascist group called FST; which as we have read in Felicity’s communique, she is alien, against, and an enemy of the fascist sort of claims of the aztequitas of the FST. We use this space to state that we, the cells of the CARI-PGG informal coordination, at the time of the event for which Mario and Felicity are charged, had knowledge neither of the compas‘ existence, nor of the action they carried out.

Now then, we can think a thousand things about the FST, but there is much that brings us to suspect the worst, and in our investigation we have seen that this group apparently exists, what isn’t explained is how their texts got to the places where we carried out our actions. In the first place, this is the outline that the Excélsior paper ( had published using a supposed communique from the FST in which they state that the compañero Mario López did not belong to their shitty group. At this link you can download in PDF the supposed FST communiques:

The individuals who participate in CARI-PGG are against and even fight againt fascist groups and neo-nazis; we are also for the annihilation of the ultra-right people of PAN or the sinarquistas [National Synarchist Union], we are for the annihilation of neutral groups or individuals like the vasconcelistas, the WP, people like Roger Huesca Priego and his group Último Reducto, or the old NS of Salvador Borrego, who we sent an explosive package to last year, for which we did not make any claim of responsibility, not knowing what ended up happening with our little anti-fascist gift. We are against fascism and we joyfully salute the compas* who assassinated the neo-nazis of Golden Dawn in Greece (video: ).

All fascists are our enemies and deserve no mercy! Same for the FST!

Solidarity with the comrades imprisoned in Mexico and the World!

Solidarity with the comrade Mario González… We are together to the end!

For conflict!
For anarchy!

Informal coordination: Autonomous Cells for Immediate Revolution – Praxedis G. Guerrero

P.S. CARI-PGG are coordinated cells who began acting in 2008 without transmitting any claim of responsibility for our actions, and it wasn’t until 2009 that a claim appeared for an action against a Renault auto company near the airport, a claim that we have used to take responsibility for our sole authorship from that time until now. We do not have vanguardist ideas, nor much less militarist ones, we are groups of anarchist action and we base ourselves on informality; we have often questioned ourselves on the use of signatures, but we reached the conclusion that they are only necessary as part of a strategy and nothing more. We do not pretend to bring anybody to insurrection–insurrections are spontaneous and collective, we take up the conflict in the first person.


Letter from Mario Gonzales on his hunger strike

* Note from Contra Info: We have not translated or spread the communique claiming the execution of two neo-nazi thugs on November 1, 2013 in the Neo Iraklio neighborhood of Athens, not only because it was exclusively sent to the mass mierda [mass media / mass shit – TN], but more than anything because of the discourse of the Combatant Popular Revolutionary Forces, the group that took responsibility for the action, which has strong references to Greek patriotism. Nevertheless, we think it is necessary to cite here two excerpts from their communique, so that everyone can reach their own conclusions:

To the official goody-goody Left assimilated by the system that has for years spoken of “provocateurs” and “dark anomalous centers”, and that never prevented or resisted even minimally the military dictatorship [1967-1974], we respond that the armed struggle and executions of fascists have been a long-time tactic of the popular and revolutionary movement, as the history of the EAM-ELAS [National Liberation Front – Greek Popular Liberation Army] and the National Resistance have demonstrated, where especially in Athens dozens of members of the X fascist organization and of the Security Battalions as well as members of Special Security who collaborated with the occupiers were executed by ELAS and OPLA [Organization for the Protection of Popular Combatants, the Stalinists’ special operations units]. Of course we should not forget Meligalas [reference to the battle of Meligalas, in the Peloponnese, after which the victorious forces of EAM-ELAS executed hundreds of supposed members of the Greek Gendarmerie and Security Battalions, then threw their bodies in mass into a dry well]. Our patriotic combatant ancestors knew how to exterminate the fascist traitors.


The guerrilla is the people’s war, it is the most honorable inheritance that History has left us to take part in. Resisters must surpass and avoid any opportunistic rhetoric that sustains defeatism and desertion. They must defend and appropriate from the violence that comes from below, from the class that rebels to abolish classes. They must defend the violence that attacks the contemporary Security Battalions. They must bring back the violence and the terrorism of the service class against the bosses who exploit them. They must get involved in the social revolution, defending their class position, the struggle for the liberation from the occupation governments and the colonizing protectorate. As a revolutionary proletariat who takes a combative position in the class offensive, we must radicalize each intermediate struggle that is arising, surpassing its reflexive release-valve characteristics. To self-organize ourselves in the resistance under the revolutionary perspective. With commando attacks on the symbols of capitalocracy, interweaving gradually and tensioning our attacks by means of a consistent guerrilla. Constructing the battlements and organizing the necessary arsenal, occupying the most important positions of power. In this war we must not be discouraged, nor subject ourselves to the repressive waiting and provocations of the enemy. The civil war started long ago in its invisible form, with periodic flashes that remind of its presence. The lines have been drawn, and each one of us must position himself. Either as a soldier on the side of Capital, the State and its fascists, or as a revolutionary in the struggle that is fought at the cost of life and liberty, the liberation from the slavery of multinational plutocracy and the local kodjabashis [kodjabashis is an administrative term of the Ottoman Empire, which refers to the responsibility of the local Christian governors in the Greek geographical space]. Their blood is the least response, and laocracy the only justice.

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