Chile: Claim for barricades and attacks on police outside the University of Chile

from culmine, translated by war on society:

* communique from anonymous at war against the prison society

Sharpening our fangs to sink them into the throats of our enemies

On Tuesday, May 17, about ten comrades with our faces covered decided to launch an action of attack against the police forces. At around 1pm, we took the entrance of the philosophy faculty of the University of Chile (located in Grecia), erected barricades, and prepared molotov cocktails for attacking the police.

Once the repressive agents of the State arrived, they were received with bottles, paint bombs and molotovs.

The confrontations lasted approximately 30 minutes, without a single comrade being injured or captured by the lapdogs of power.

Nevertheless certain events occurred during the action that deserve emphasis. While the Minister of the Interior Hinzpeter reported that tear gas canisters would not be used by carabineros, these were indeed weapons of the police in this instance (used rather clumsily, it is worth noting). Not only did they resort to the use of tear gas, water and gas cannons, but also one officer who passed through the place drew his service weapon and threatened to kill a handful of comrades, although the threats did not proceed further. Also during the action, a patrolman of the PDI passed through the place and was attacked by the comrades with a molotov, which provoked the civil police, drawing their uzi submachine guns, although they withdrew them. On both occasions the police used their weapons for intimidation, but the comrades did not retreat and continued with the action.

Our withdrawal was undertaken in regard to the situation, namely the exhaustion of our offensive materials, and at no moment due to the clumsy actions of the police.

We wish to dedicate this action to our comrades of the “bombs case,” who fortunately left the prison behind and find themselves on “house arrest,” but we do not lower our guard and we advocate the proliferation of actions whether collective or individual in solidarity with them, since even the trial does not end.

We also want solidarity with the political prisoners of Asunción who are on hunger strike. Also to send strength to Silvia, Costa, Billy and Marco Camenish, who are on hunger strike until the 28th of this month, to the comrades imprisoned in Greece, to our green-and-black brothers in Mexico who are in prison, likewise to the clandestinxs and to those who continue to go on the attack.

At the same time, we declare that this action is in solidarity with our comrades who are underground, Diego Ríos and Gabriela Curilem. Those who do not desire to surrender themselves to the (in)justice of the State and, knowing the physical and emotional costs, take flight; to hush up their escape would be an act of cowardice, disloyalty, and a step back in positioning with respect to the social war.

With respect to the subject of HidroAysen, we announce our complete rejection of it, but also of all the reformist organizations that pretend to defend the earth but are not more than regulators in its destruction.

Our action is also framed within the anniversary of the unfortunate death of our brother Mauricio Morales, resulting from the unfortunate explosion of his explosive device. At two years since your death, you are not forgotten, those who carry the fire in the mind and the heart, the sword in the hand, do not idealize your death as heroic, or martyr, you were only a brother, and therefore one like us, who undertook the offensive.

Death to platformism!
For the “bombs case” frame-up to fall under its own weight!
Freedom to all of the political prisoners of the world!
Fire to the prison society!
Combatant Mauri, martyr never, present in every insurgent action!
For the complete destruction of civilization and total Animal and Earth liberation!

anonymous at war against the prison society.

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