Spain: Writing of compañero Francisco Solar Dominguez 5 years after the death of combative anarchist Mauricio Morales

from refractario, transl. wos:

Still breathing the teargas in the streets of Valparaiso, after the protests that surrounded the presidential discourse of that year. The already burnt-out tires signaled the end of a day of fighting, which would return with renewed energy the upcoming year.


The armada inebriated with their festivities, passing the hours, at night the youth began to entertain themselves trying to forget another week oppressed as worker and student, revealing all their ability to complete their intention to have a good time.

But there was also one who also wanted to let his dreams loose, but in another way, in his way. For him the confrontation had not begun nor ended that afternoon at the port. Everything continued.

Was it necessary to carry out this action? Was it worth risking so much? What consequences could it have? These sterile discussions were not in his head, it did not matter to him, his focus did not separate from the target. But something went wrong.

The journalist carrion forgot the details of the presidential verbiage, giving special coverage to what had happened. Feasting on his body.

The police thought they had finally identified those responsible for the actions that for years had been frequently reproduced in the Chilean capital and so began:

Raids, arrests, questioning, solidarity, conviction, collaboration, confrontation, derailing, faltering, without end.

5 years have passed and lots of water has run under the bridge. The socialists return to manage the state headed by Mrs. Bachelet and our memory which is before everything presently, continues intact knowing that only forgetfulness is death.

Mauricio Morales is in each anti-authoritarian.

I do not want to use words like honor and glory here which I believed are laden with authoritarian and religious sentiment which have little or nothing to do with us.

I give all of my respect and recognition to Mauricio Morales Duarte for having given his best in the confrontation against power, for his constant questioning, for attempting to capture his ideas in acts, his conviction that only with bold hostility towards all imposed rule and discipline, can the state overcome by the many.

With our dead in mind for anarchy.

(Taken from the zine “Procura que viva la anarquia, 5 años de la muerte del Mauri” download here in es)

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