Chile, Santiago: Anarchist solidarity with the compas of the Security Case

from contrainfo:

After over four years since being arrested, the 3 compañeros accused of various expropriations of banking institutions and the homicide of a guardian of power have been prosecuted and sentenced. Juan Aliste Vega was sentenced to 42 years, Marcelo Villaroel to 14, and Freddy Fuentevilla to 15. The 3 compañeros were also militants in armed groups that resisted the dictatorship and continued resisting the lie of democracy, for which they have been objected to a constant political persecution which seeks to silence the ideas of those that rebel irreducibly against power. The same case is being tied to Carlos Gutiérrez Quiduleo who is now awaiting trial.

Due to this situation we decided to transform words into action and make a warm gesture of solidarity to those who today must face prison. Responding to the call of  agitation carried out for the compañeros, at 23:30 this Wednesday the 2nd of June (the same day as the sentencing hearing), we carried out a street blockade at Av. General Velásquez close to the 21°precinct of the Central Station, throwing pamphlets and hanging a banner materializing our greeting to our brothers in the Security Case.

In addition to acting in solidarity with those kidnapped by the State we seek to contribute to the propagation of insurrectionary actions against power and the proliferation of anti-authoritarian actions. We call for different groups and individuals to multiply the attacks in their various forms and keep alive the anarchic fire of revolt.

Nor do we forget the others kidnapped and assassinated by power in the struggle against State and Capital. Monica Caballero, Francisco Solar, Tamara Sol Vergara, Mauricio Hernández Norambuena, and all prisoners who resist with dignity in the dungeons of capital.

Claudia López, JhonnyCariqueo, Mauricio Morales, Zoe y Sebastián Oversluij are present in the combative memory and insurrectionary action.

Nothing has stopped and no one is forgotten. In constant war against domination.

Insurrectionary Affinities

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