Three Banks Attacked in Olympia- Solidarity with Asheville 11

Just before the stroke of midnight on April 1st, Key Bank, West Coast Bank, and Columbia Bank, all on the Westside of Olympia had all of their locks and ATMs glued shut. Black paint was also thrown of the facades of all three banks. As has been said, anyone who defends a bank is either a fool or a cop, and in reality probably both. What better time to give said fools something to feel foolish about, then on a day that has already been established in their honor. This action goes to out to those 11 comrades in Asheville who the state is trying to break. This action also comes one month before our international day to shine, and we’re just getting ready. Hugs, Kisses, Raised Fists, and Thrown Bricks to those 11 sexy motherfuckers in Asheville who know how get down. Hearts filled with rage for the enemies, love for the comrades. Spring is in the air, and the Puget Sound is only getting hotter and hotter,


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