Santiago: Barricades and attack on the forces of order – September 1st

Armed and Dangerous: To the rhythm of cold and rain, we vindicate the struggle in the street.

For Claudia López.
For the Anarchist Prisoners.
For a Black September 11.

September has come, and with it all the memories of a past bathed with blood, death and repression, and also full of combative action, fire and rebellion.

This is why we go into action without doubting in memory of a combative woman. The one who fought against the police in Cordón Macúl, the dance student at the Academy (UAHC), a Pobladora and Anarchist who died in combat in the La Pincoya neighborhood from the bullet of a bastard cop who shot her in the back in the middle of riots commemorating the fallen with fire on that September 11 of 1998–we refer to Claudia López.

We go into action for the Anarchist prisoners around the whole world, making ourselves participants in an international call for our compañerxs held captive in the various prisons of the different countries. We act in solidarity with them and we fight against the police for you. We do not recognize any flag or border. Mónica Caballero, Francisco Solar, Nikoz Maziotis, Kostas Gournas and all the Anarchists and Urban Guerrillas to the street!!

We go into action before another September 11th and before a new march to the general cemetery. We make a call to make necessary measures and precaution to all the compañerxs who go on the offensive against the police and members of the various red factions. We do not forget what happened last May 1st, the counterattack is coming, now nobody will be able to stop the revolutionary violence.

With that said, we greet the compañerxs with whom we coordinated this new action at UAHC on September 1st, building barricades with tires to the rhythm of the cold and rain that did not abate the extensive hope of each covered face, as of each student who was present at and encouraged by the action.

The police took too long to arrive, the cops spied from their filthy station, but this time we didn’t have a suprise for them as we wrote in our previous communique, instead this action was one of propaganda due to what we mentioned above, in any case this does not mean that we will not attack them again, you are our enemies, just like the soldiers, judges, prosecutors and jailers.

After long minutes of waiting, various compañerxs left in search of the swine who watched from afar together with the press, both getting attacked with incendiary bombs, then after several minutes the special forces came on foot. More compañerxs went after them throwing bombs; faced with this the cops started shooting rubber bullets, which caused us to fall back, ending up throwing a rain of molotov cocktails from the interior of the university, where we apparently managed to set a bastard on fire (with the euphoric shouts of all the students who watched the action), a fire that was put out by the water-shooting truck that arrived moments later. When the material ran out we retreated without leaving a trace.

On reflection we are aware that we are building our attack and coordination with firm steps–we warned in our last communique “the cells and gangs are coordinating,” but we are still very lacking, we are still ready to do what is necessary in incendiary action against power, in order to make the anarchist offensive ever more potent.

Note: We want to greet all the students who positioned themselves in favor of the confrontation with the police, as individuals we have always seen a lot of support for the encapuchadxs who act in that university, in different years and contexts, now it has been made clear to us as a group. In May (in spite of the problems that happened that time–see notes 2 and 3) and now on September 1st, giving support from the street and from the different areas of the university, thank you. With that, it becomes indispensable for this support to be materialized in concrete actions against every form of authority, this is why we invite you to organize and conspire against power, the State and Capital.

Claudia López Presente!!
For a Black September 11th!
Freedom to all the Anarchist Prisoners!!

Anarchist Coordinating Group – GAC.
Mauricio Morales Organized Gang / Sebastián Oversluij Incendiary Cell

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