Argentina: Incendiary attack on Banco Galicia

from viva la anarquia, translated by war on society:

Because oppression exists everywhere and the key of money that they offer us only serves us to open the door that locks us in the capitalist commitments of an artificial life based in production and consumption of a world every day more prostituted to the business of power and ambition.

While a multitude was wandering in search of happiness by way of business offers of shitty food, alcoholic drinks, lights and noises, we left an incendiary device in the ATM section of the Banco Galicia at 7100 Rivadavia in Flores, and despite the fact that inside there one can find a person sleeping in a corner in the back of it, we left it anyway since we considered that the only thing that could happen was to cause fear and nothing more.

We dedicate this simple action to the revolutionaries who informally attack authority and make their life a constant war against all that imposes on them, beyond mere words.

Mauricio Morales Incendiary Cell

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