Puebla, México: Explosive attack against the National Electoral Institute– call for a Black June

from contrainfo, transl waronsociety:

1st Message: Declaration of Permanent War

Everyone get out!

“Bakunin said that revolutions are three quarters fantasy and a quarter reality. The important thing is realizing where the fantasy that leads to the explosion of generalized rebellion originates.”                                                                                       Ai Ferri Corti

“We would have liked to be brief. To forgo genealogies, etymologies, quotations. That a poem, a song, would suffice. We wished it would be enough to write “REVOLUTION” on a wall for the street to catch fire. But it was necessary to untangle the skein of the present, and in places to settle accounts with ancient falsehoods. It was necessary to try and digest seven years of historical convulsions. And decipher a world in which confusion has blossomed on a tree of misunderstanding.  We’ve taken the time to write with the hope that others would take the time to read. Writing is a vanity, unless it’s for the friend. Including the friend one doesn’t know yet. In the coming years, we’ll be wherever the fires are lit. During the periods of respite, we’re not that hard to find. We’ll continue the effort of clarification we’ve begun here. There will be dates and places where we can mass our forces against logical targets. There will be dates and places for meeting up and debating. We don’t know if the insurrection will have the look of a heroic assault, or if it will be a planetary fit of crying, a sudden expression of feeling after decades of anesthesia, misery, and stupidity. Nothing guarantees that the fascist option won’t be preferred to revolution. We’ll do what there is to be done. Thinking, attacking, building – such is our fabulous agenda. This text is the beginning of a plan. See you soon,”                                   invisible committee


To the indomitable rage and agitated hearts!                                                                 From now on, to the end of the horizon!

Once again we come before you, presenting our praxis bare, sincere, and insurrectionary which projectualizes those incandescent ideas that anarchy has seen in the length of its life, those attempts by the indomitable hearts that have screamed vengeance with blood in the throat, which have sought and seek to destroy an unacceptable reality.

Across the globe anarchist praxis has been defying the state and power, bringing social war to every front, throwing ideas into the streets, converting them into a liberating force, transforming pleading into anti-authoritarian fires which have been seen burning hundreds of times attacking the centers of political and economic power, confronting the repressive forces of the state and projecting life in the individual and the collective autonomously and horizontally.

In the face of a system of domination that attempts to control our minds and bodies, which reproduces inequality, which destroys the earth and life, which puts a price on everything (a price we are tired of paying) we have decided to make this into a war with two sides.

On one side the system of domination, the state with its arms implements violence on the daily life of human beings and on the other the insurrectionary response of the unsubmissive cities, neighborhoods, and individualities.

We owe everything…we owe joys, news, songs, memories, laughter, we owe food, blankets, shoes…WE HAVE SO MANY THINGS TO PAY FOR we owe teeth, school, respect, poems… we owe screams, rage, fresh tears, we owe love and we owe hate, we owe rage, we owe lives, we owe so much, we owe everything… and while we continue owing. WE WILL CONTINUE PAYING.

We owe our imprisoned and fugitive compañerxs, Abraham Cortes, Luis Fernando Sotelo, Fernando Bárcenas, compañerxs on the run Mario López, Felicity Ann Ryder we owe our imprisoned compañerxs on hunger strike in Greece, the compañeros repressed under operation Pandora in the Spanish State Francisco Solar and Mónica Caballero and more, our compañero Diego Ríos and Tamara, we owe them and more, and our dead. Solidarity!

We owe our towns and peoples affected by the PIM (Integral Morelos Project*) and those that continue the conflict; Chalchiuapan, Canoa, San Andrés and San Pedro Cholula, the peoples in resistance against the mines in Sierra Norte. We owe José Luis Tlehuatle, we owe our compañero captured by the state in this region. Because while they continue to kill us, we will continue to attack them. And if justice does not exist, we will make it with our hands.


“They dream of orderly revolutions, neatly drawn up principles, anarchy without turbulence. If things take a different turn they start screaming provocation, yelling loud enough for the police to hear them. Revolutionaries are pious folk. The revolution is not a pious event.”                                                                                      Armed Joy; Alfredo María Bonanno

“The challenges facing latin american anarchists are many and demanding. To strengthen our affinity groups and specific organizations. To participate in real conflicts and social movements to elevate the level of autonomy, independence, and self-organized capacity, to re-actualize our hypothesis reinventing that which we have missed and expanding our values, not our etiquettes, in many sectors of society which are gradually discovering that the progressive governments are the same old oppression with a different facade, and that those true to the rebel spirit of human nature, will seek other alternatives.” Rafael Uzcátegui

Our energy is scattered by the wind, our violent ideas walk over the tumultuous ocean, those libertarian gestures that have begun to actualize themselves, they have exceeded the facet of reformist and conciliatory passivity, because our struggle does not reduce to 43 reasons, because our struggle does not seek to create federations nor create the big political platforms and organizations of malleable people in insipid popular assemblies where leftist and moderate factions rule, our struggle does not seek the taking of power but its complete destruction.

The analysis that we have to give, before a circumstance of the “Ayotzinapa” type, the anarchist tendency has to be indispensable, the insurrectionary process carries many elements which succeed in articulating the many insurrectional projects based in ideological to emotional affinity, where the potentiality of storming heaven and the earth to take away our enemies (the state and the leftists) was and continues to be the work of the anarchists, we are not made of circumstances, without a doubt we are and will always be present so that insurrection generalizes, provoking tension and permanent conflict between the state-society. The escape, the exit, the other way, well we think they are the autonomous and coordinated communes, a deconstruction of the present world, with antagonistic proposals that share mutual aid, solidarity, horizontality, and self organization.

Our strikes go further than the simple nihilist claim, we are a hemorrhaging of lively emotions and happy construction, we are the continuity of ancestors’ rebellion, we are that smell of dynamite that the Magonistas left in their attacks, we are the unforgettable bullet that caused the death of Práxedis Guerrero, we are those dreams of a free society left by our parents and grandparents, we are the multiform action upright from so much emotion.

We position ourselves!

Popular power in anarchism?

We denounce and make our position public, because we do not seek out socialist models that are conducive to the creation of a new state under the paraphernalia of participatory democracy, because we will not do the “political” work of Marxist-Leninist-Maoist guerrilla organizations. Because power should be destroyed not socialized, because the autonomous processes in Latin America have taught us to stop being persuaded by this “new libertarian tendency” it would be our end and the death of anarchism, because the simple act of normalizing the word POWER in the libertarian language disgusts us, because collective power is not the absence of power, because collective capitalism does not mean the absence of power, because Marxism is the result of political impoverishment, because reconciliation cannot exist when we walk two totally opposite paths, because power in politics always alludes to POWER OVER, because a popular power is not going to be less prepotent or authoritarian just because it carries the slogan “power of the people”. Anarchism is not popular power, it never was and never will be.


“The force of an insurrection is social, not military. The measure for evaluating the importance of a generalized revolt is not the armed clash, but on the contrary the amplitude of the paralysis of the economy, of normality.”                                         Some notes on insurrectionary anarchism

“Our ideas advance, finding fruitful fields in the frequent political disillusionments, suffered by those who before believed in the necessity of having a mule driver-like the donkeys- power that toughens the hide to lashes in order to walk the path of life.”                                                                                                                                         R.F.M

Our proposal!

As anarchists revolution is our point of departure and our constant reference, this has to be constructed daily in the individual and the collective with a modest and honest effort which have the liberating characteristics of a social revolution, these attempts can translate into insurrection that push the excluded and exploited to create a flux of rebellion and unsubmissiveness which can create a social explosion, struggles should develop themselves in the here and the now, the insurrectionary project has to keep pace with propaganda and agitation.

Autonomous and horizontal coordination!

Hard times lay ahead, the insurrectionary process still has potential, not to call for no voting, nor much less a “punishment vote”, we call the anarchists of praxis to a resounding boycott of the electoral process, BLACK JUNE, a proposal of libertarian coordination, action, and diffusion against electoral processes, we call out to all of those that feel affinity with this text, to occupy neighborhoods, cities, towns, schools, work centers, to paralyze the economy, to destroy that which oppresses us, to build that which will let us live in freedom, burn their police cars, their banks, their ballot boxes, to erect barricades everywhere, to blow up their judges along with their prisons and jailers, to destroy their institutions, to bury their damned social peace, to destroy every attempt of the state and collectivize life.

We claim and assume responsibility for:                                                                        -The explosive attack against the INE (National Electoral Institute) during the early hours of March 27 around 3:00 am, with a home made explosive device in the city of Puebla, between streets 35 oriente and 16 de septiembre with 2 sur.

It is surprising how the state covered up this incident with all of its forms of communication, as it covered up the imprisonment of two young women who were protesting in the center of this city a day later, just as they cover up the large number of political prisoners from the conflicts in the villages, but we are here to say it, less than five minutes after the device was placed, it exploded physically damaging the building. This is the reality! Less than 2 months away from their putrid elections, they intend to silence all attempts of sabotage against their institutions.

Without more for now, only a cry, only a feeling, lots of gasoline, lots of explosions, and especially lots of insurrection.

Against all forms of power!

For the expansion of conflict and generalized insurrection!

Social war on all fronts!

The passion for destruction is a creative passion!

Fire to the electoral system, and the institutions of state-capital!

March 17
Territory administered by the Mexican state
Long live anarchy!

Ps: 1
Direct solidarity from México to Spain with the prisoners of phase 2 of operation pandora.

*Transl. Note: The PIM is a Megaproject being built by the Federal Comission of Electricity (CFE) throughout the Mexican states of Puebla, Morelos, and Tlaxcala. The project aims to build two thermoelectric stations, a natural gas pipeline, an electricity line, and an aqueduct. The companies involved include ABENGOA, ELECNOR, and ANAGAS of Spain, and BONATTI of Italy. More information in english click here.



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