Tlalnepantla, Mexico: Package bomb for ICA engineers

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Chikomoztok, July 8, 2015

The company ICA (Civil and Associated Engineers) is the giant of infrastructure in Mexico. The construction of freeways, urban complexes, hydroelectric plants, airports, refineries, metro stations and more, are the areas that this company manages. Consequently, ICA is one of the targets to attack, since we consider their mere presence in whatever place they are building to be involved in the perpetuation of the system, which develops itself through the destruction of nature, contamination of ecosystems, disturbance of the natural order, etc. This company, property of the abhorrent magnate Carlos Slim, is one of the main responsible entities that make civilization’s stain grow exponentially, converting this artificial reality into something completely alien, mediated and limiting.

The persons responsible for part of this sort of business continuing are various, from the workers to the engineers, administrators and investors, each and every one of these people are undeserving of the slightest consideration, all are enrolled within the industry of infrastructure, which is a latent threat that drives the disappearance and subjugation of wild nature.

In the early hours of July 5, we headed for the offices of the Grupo Cuevas (located in the Tepetlacalco neighborhood in Tlalnepantla, Mexico State), a consortium closely tied to the ICA company, and left a package bomb inside their parking lot, addressed to this conglomerate of engineers which, even though they are the ones charged with designing and maintaining the constructions of a civilization always in areas of expansion, is decadent.

According to the news from the press (1), on July 6th the letter was brought inside the building and opened by one of the secretaries who works in those offices, which caused the package bomb to explode, creating a nervous breakdown, police mobilization, and alarm among the engineers complicit in civilization’s devastation. Even though, according to the press, due to a failure in the activation mechanism the device didn’t achieve full detonation, don’t worry, we’re already working on making the next one more forceful…

With this act we want to say to the engineers (tied to the ICA or not): You are in our sights, we will not stop until we return the attack that you have carried out against wild nature. Today it was a package bomb, maybe tomorrow it will be something more…

Enough contemplation, no negotiations or limitations!
All against the technological system!

Wild Reaction
“Nocturnal Hunter”
“Thunder of the Mixtón”

1) “Sobre provoca explosión de baja magnitud en Tlalnepantla” [“Letter sets off low-intensity explosion in Tlalnepantla”]. El Universal, July 7, 2015.

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