Mexico: Envelopes with incendiary devices against institutions of the technological system

from contrainfo, transl waronsociety:

Chikomoztoc, July 3, 2015.

“But how can we pretend that one dies in time who has never lived in time? It would be better if they had not been born. This is what Nature desires for the people who are extraneous in the world.” – F.

Envelopes with electromechanical activation and incendiary charge have been left in various targets in Mexico State, yesterday, July 2 of this year:

– The Commission of Human Rights of Mexico State (Ecatepec General Office of Investigations): located on Avenida Morelos a few blocks from downtown San Cristóbal, the envelope was addressed to the head of investigations.

We decided to attack this institution since it symbolizes humanism and progressivism, we repudiate all those who go screeching to these kinds of committees to demand guarantees of their human “rights,” “respect” for their group decisions and an “end” to repression; it is absurd that these low-lives expect these kinds of meager organizations to resolve their problems, to protect, and defend them. A clear example of how is that the modern human has put his own security in the hands of strangers, instead of taking justice into his own hands and defending himself as he did before. These kinds of institutions are a banality, the “pus,” only a simple facade for dissimulating the system’s incapacity to manage internal problems in a decadent society, and this is why we attacked it. (1)

– The Valley Division of North Mexico (Federal Electricity Commission), Ecatepec Zone: located between Avenia Revolución and the México-Texcoco Highway, the envelope was addressed to the head of this division.

For us, attacks directed against the heads of the electrical substations are just as valid as attacks against their facilites. Any attack against this kind of industry is justified, whether the target opens the package and is wounded, or anyone who works in this institution, at the end of the day it’s the same, everyone working for the progress of the technological system and the devastation of the nature that remains–some out of “necessity” and others to maintain their defined economic status, so they deserve what happens to them. The associated people are not absolved of causing the action. (2)

– Lucerna University (Coacalco Campus): located on Avenida López Portillo, the envelope was addressed to the professor in charge of the Department of Information Technology.

In the present era, full of digital data, technological innovations, and artificial aberrations, it is vitally important to continue the project of attacking these kinds of sciences, which, day by day, stupefy the dependent minds of the enslaved modern human, making a total absurdity of the imposed reality. Sciences like these, which tend toward alienation and have declared war on the Wild, need to be an objective and fixed target of those who, like ourselves, cling to their most primal and wild past. (3)

Today, like yesterday, we shout to the four winds:
Nature is good, Civilization is bad!

Wounds and sabotages against those in charge of maintaining the electrical industry!
Shrapnel in the bodies of the leaders of humanist institutions!
Death for those who prepare the way toward a super-artificial and hyper-civilized present!

Wild Reaction
“Thunder of the Mixtón”
“Master of the Green Fire”


1. This attack caught the attention of the communication media; that same day the periodical Milenio published “Package with explosive bursts in Edomex DH investigations.” In the journalist news it is disclosed that a public official of that institution had opened the package and was wounded by the explosion. We do not regret their wounds or their terror, we have availed ourselves of surprise and deception to continue with this war against civilization and human progress, and so we will continue to do.

2. About this action El Universal published that same day “Envelope with explosive device left in CFE-Ecatepec,” the news confirmed that the package was found, but was encapsulated and set off by the police bomb squad without any injuries.

3. There was no public reference about this last action.



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