Chile: Incendiary attack on a bus by Individualists Tending toward the Wild

transantiago2(WOS Note: Here are the first and second communiques of the new phase of Individualists Tending toward the Wild (ITS), both in Mexico. This translation by “Chahta-Ima” with some edits.)

From maldicionecoextremista:

We are curare arrows of the ancients against their prey and enemies. We are the bonfire’s flame that warms when it is cold. We are the pagan dances and cries in the name of everything unknown. We are the snow on the mountaintops. We are the virgin soil, free of civilization. We are the lava flowing from the volcano. We are the warning calls of the birds.

We are the quiet of the wolf stalking its prey. We are the strength of the ants. We are the wave that wipes cities from face of the Earth. We are the killer earthquake that brings down buildings. We are the wind become hurricane. WE ARE UNKNOWN WILD NATURE!

We came out of our hiding place, like the rabbit comes out of its hole in the darkness and silence of night. This time we came out in plain daylight.

We frolic in the mountains, rivers, and meadows. But we wander in the city in search of its defects and imperfections, seeking all that is of civilization and human progress. We know its times, its hours and moments, the daily grind of civilization hides us.

This is a Declaration of War.

War against the Technological system, science, and the modern hyper-civilized man. We detest and spit on all of that. We cling to our most primitive and wild instincts: instincts which all of the civilization and technology in the world could never erase from our being.

Guile, patience, determination, and daring are the ingredients of this war. It was in this manner that on Tuesday, February 16th, we abandoned a homemade explosive charge on the 210 Bus of the Trans-Santiago Route. We achieved the successful result of completely burning that machine of civilization. And it would not have mattered to us in the least if some bystander was hurt in the process. Our acts are beyond that foolish classism. We look down on masses, the people, or whatever you want to call them. We only care about ourselves, our people, and wild nature.


Our fire/attack goes out to all that is wild and natural. And if we contaminate their cities with smoke and disturb the civilized air, it is in the name of all the rivers, oceans, poles, fields, and forests poisoned by human progress. In the name of every animal species made extinct by techno-civilized progress. Last night’s moonlight filled us with the wild force of the universe: to it, and to the stars, planets, and galaxies, IT GOES OUT TOO.

We are a sect of pagans, southerners and uncivilized. With our fire we will seek to attack the infrastructure of civilization, accepting the final consequences of our actions. With every attack we defend our instincts since we refuse to form part of the robotic mass that only cares about money or sex.

The Eco-Extremist tendency spreads from north to south, from east to west. We are accomplices to its ideas and acts, forming part of it. We are giving life to an international project against civilization.

Because we are bullets to the head, mail-bombs, indiscriminate bombings and incinerating fire, we are:

Individualists Tending Toward the Wild – Chile

With this we publicly declare that a campaign of attack is underway, with the complicity and coordination of ITS in Mexico and Chile, and other countries…

A conspiratorial greeting to the eco-extremists and each group of ITS of Mexico. Let it be known that there is also war in the south. To “Wild/Terrorist Behaviors” and “Uncivilized Conduct”. To the eco-anarchists of the “Karr-kai Cell” and “Kapibara Group.”

If technology and progress are international, why not also the acts of resistance against them?

Individualists Tending Toward the Wild:
– Uncivilized Southerners.

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