Greece: Urgent call for money for those arrested at the general strike of June 28th–29th

from contra info:

The people arrested during the general strike demonstrations of June 28th and 29th need our support.

It is urgent that 3,000 Euros are raised for one demonstrator alone, so that he doesn’t go to jail. The money needs to be collected until Thursday night, July 7th. An initiative in solidarity with the arrested demonstrators has made a call to everyone for financial support. You can contact the initiative directly at

You can also offer bail money via the Occupied London paypal account, —if you do so, please also e-mail the solidarity initiative at the address above.


update from contra-info: Today (4/7) all arrestees from the demo of June 29th have been released under restrictive conditions. One demonstrator who is charged with felonies, was ordered to give 70,000 Euros as a bail! There is a super-urgent need for raising this huge bail until Monday, July 11th; otherwise our comrade will be locked up in prison.

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