UK: Cop vehicles attacked right opposite police station in Bristol

from uk indymedia (7/2/2011):

Six unmarked police vehicles parked in the locked carpark opposite Trinity Road police station were damaged last night with paintstripper over the bodywork under right the pigs’ snouts, tyres punctured. This done with joy and ease as a minimal leisurely contribution to revolutionary social war.

In the wake of the Stokes Croft riots, with the corporate bullies invading every aspect of the prison-like world they have created given a taste of retribution, why should we give the dogs that defend that society any chances to lick their wounds? Why not follow through to kick them while they’re down, while they’re weak, while they try to rebuild P.R this very day on the streets of St Pauls playing the multi-racial card with their squaddies of colour where so recently a carnival of a different kind erupted for the first time after decades of racist violence and repression by the law, here like everywhere.

They let you have a ‘Carnival’ once a year, smoke the high-grade publicly, dress up in festive gladrags, even occupy the road, all within an officially sanctioned pressure-value to lose that dangerous steam… But please, just don’t riot! Don’t leave your station – remain within your social bracket, accept that there’s a nice side to authority after all because they allow you to party… But generally only on their terms. We urge, don’t be cheaply bought just because the State/Capital makes a few concessions and send the Community Support Officers on the beat wearing garlands of peace around their neck – presumably so they don’t get punched about gleefully by the elements of society they most fear and loathe. Who says there’s no opportunities today?

We can’t but mention also with this readily-achievable action our solidarity with the UK anti-fascists who have recently been sent to jail on conspiracy charges – we also send greetings to Artem Bystrov (arrested in Russia on 26th April 2011, facing completely and traditionally corrupted and manipulated trial) and other anti-fascists from Nizhny Novogrod. Also in response to the recent police murder of a young black man, 21 year old Demetre Fraser who apparently jumped (police explanation) from the 11th floor while two State pigs visited his flat in Birmingham – neighbours and his mother believe that it was another example of racist murder at the hand of the Filth.

For an Informal Anarchist Federation, world-wide. Our solidarity is attack.

some anarchists

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