Chile: Clashes and disturbances around the march for education

from liberacion total, hasty translation by war on society:

Thursday June 30 protests were held around $hile called by professors and student organizations demanding reforms in the education system.

Certainly the petitions and intentions to improve the system of domestication, which prepares future employees, we do not care for because they are part of a vicious circle of language and managed within the parameters of Dominion.

But without a doubt, as in the protests against HidroAysén, what produces sabotage and clashes responds to more than a simple request for a reform but rather a rage against everything that oppresses us.

In the protests yesterday in Santiago clashes from just after 1pm until around 5pm, leaving more than 100 arrested (nationally) mostly for disorders. But four young people between 14 and 16 years were charged with possession of Molotov cocktails and were released with a deadline of 60 days of investigation.

Within the riots stand out the attack on the Embassy of Brazil facing Plaza Los Heroes, to which they hurled stones and scrawled the facade with slogans in solidarity with the commander Ramiro, Mauricio Hernandez (see website support). Also outside this embassy a group of special forces agents were attacked, being cornered by “hooded ones” and leaving a policeman wounded.

Several shops were attacked and some looted, as well as bank branches, resulting in two of those destroyed. The bank most damaged was the building of the BCI (Banco de Credito e Inversiones) where all the 1st and 2nd floor windows were shattered and the interior furnishings were used to make a barricade on the street. The “hooded ones” even tried to set fire to the building.

In the fighting, “hooded ones” attacked police with stones, sticks, paint bombs, Molotov cocktails and even with sulfuric acid. Nationally, 22 law enforcement officers were injured, mostly stoned. And one was burned on her face with sulfuric acid.

Videos from the press: 1, 2, 3 and 4.

In Concepción: agents of order throwing rocks at the demonstrators and in the other photo receiving the fire of molotovs in the University of Concepción.

In Valparaíso:

In Santiago:

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