Chile: Letter from comrade Camilo ‘Viejo Loco’ Pérez from house arrest to imprisoned comrades

from culmine, translated by war on society:

Letter in solidarity with the comrades of the CCF, the accused in the “Halandri case” and with other imprisoned comrades.

May the shadows of the eclipse not hide Solidarity. May the sun continue to dawn!

“(…) We go on gathering hate,
until it explodes and sweeps up all the rabble.*
And all the while we will continue to struggle;
the prisons do not diminish our forces, they augment them.
Know this, Mr. Judge, and know this each of you: the masquerade has only given us disgust and laughter,
and more disgust than laughter–disgust for all because you are all vampires.”

– “Governmental Deeds,” from La Batalla (“The Battle”) periodical, 1913.

The information struck me like a fierce blow: extreme sentences for the accused members of the Revolutionary Organization “Conspiracy of Cells of Fire” [R.O. C.C.F.] in Greece, and I will not let myself be gagged simply for being charged and caged in my home/prison for the “bombs case,” I will not be complicit in an easygoing and silent self-censorship, I express my solidarity, spitting a little ink and, perhaps, a bit of my black heart…

And my aim is modest, these words do not seek to be more than an embrace to the loyal themselves, to the proud who with their high gazes do not disown their lives and revolutionary positions, consistent with their negation of reality, of that reality that they continue to combat inside or outside of prison, this letter is a strong embrace that soars low over thousands of stormy leagues and that in another tongue–but in the same language of the passionate love of freedom–intends to solidarize with you comrades who drank, and continue to avail yourselves of, the flavor of a free life, although within a cell.

Haris Hadzimihelakis, Panagiotis Argyrou, Giorgos Karagiannidis, Panagiotis Masouras, Konstantina Karakatsani, Aleksandros Mitrousias, Emmanuel Giospas, Nikos Vogiatzakis and Errikos Rallis, who the damn State intends to cage for long years in order to demonstrate its vengeful authority (I have no doubt that Power would love to hang them in a public plaza) in order to intimidate those who even think of imitating the courage and daring with which they raised themselves in war against society, nor do I doubt that their convictions and desires cannot be crushed by any filthy cage, because the rebels who never settle for applauding, spectator-like, others’ insubordination are not easy to bend–it is for you the ungovernables that these fraternal words are intended. For the irreducible individuals belonging or not to the R.O. C.C.F. accused in the “Halandri” case, my deepest Respect and Strength.

Freedom for Constantino, Silvia and Billy, imprisoned in Switzerland!

Freedom for Francisco Moreno Orellana, Sergio Vasquez, Alberto Olivares, Juan Aliste, Marcelo Villarroel, Freddy Fuentevilla, Esteban Huiniguir, Patricio Gallardo, Alejandro Rodríguez, imprisoned in Chile!

At ten years since your assassination, I salute your memory, rebel Carlo Giulini!

Immense strength for the warrior “Tortuga” (Luciano Pitronello)!

Strength to all who “fly free”! because I am sure that there is yet enough courage to continue to passionately kiss beautiful freedom…

El Viejo Loco [“The Crazy Old Man,” Camilo Pérez] (who also hears crows in his head)
South America, July 2011.

* translator’s note: There is an untranslatable double-meaning to arrolle in the original, which we translate as “sweeps up,” but can refer to either being rolled up as part of a force (like a snowball effect or surfing), or being routed and crushed by a similar force (as in an avalanche or tsunami will do). This is an interesting linguistic point because of the particular relationship of anti-social anarchists (such as CCF and El Viejo Loco) toward the ‘rabble’.

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