Arvada, CO: Nazi Graffiti Covered Up by Antifascists

from Rocky Mountain Antifa:

We are pleased to state that our inaugural post as Rocky Mountain Antifa is a post of substance and action. A report and several pictures informed us of a rash of Nazi graffiti in East Arvada. Targets included the Lutz soccer field, Vanderhoof elementary school, a park adjacent to Vanderhoof, a wall dividing the nearby neighborhood from 58th Avenue, and the Arvada Plaza. Two antifascists took it upon themselves to cover up the filth and leave an antifascist message, and several members of the neighborhood were reportedly overheard talking about how slow the city was to respond and that it was a good thing people had taken the initiative to cover it up themselves.

Swastika on Vanderhoof Elementary School
Swastika on wall near 58th Avenue
Swastika on bridge in children’s park
Bridge in children’s park. Graffiti reads “nigger killa”, the “SS” symbol and several swastikas
Wall in children’s park. Graffiti reads “White Power” with several swastikas

After the antifascists visited in the night, that bullshit looked more like this:

Crossed out swastika in children’s park
Crossed out swastika on wall in children’s park
Crossed out swastika on wall near 58th Avenue
Crossed out swastika on elementary school sign
Crossed out SS symbol
Crossed out “White Power”
Crossed out swastika and antifa arrows
Crossed out “nigger killa”
Crossed out “White Power”

Clearly, the antifascists sent a message to the neighborhood and the coward Nazi scum that did this to an elementary school and children’s park that this area won’t take any of this lying down. The antifa also reported removing several fascist stickers in the area in preceding weeks, including Combat 18 and for an Arvada-based Neo-Nazi merchandise distributor DRP Industries.

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