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Anarchists Must Attack What Only Anarchists Can Attack, or why we should support the Anarchy Bridge! 5

from anews: It’s May 2012 and we anarchists are occupying a very crucial position in the ongoing struggle against Control. The position of violently attacking and dismembering it! I’d like to throw in here that when I use the term … Continue reading

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Chicago, IL: Attack on White Nationalist Economic Summit; several fascists hospitalized; 5 comrades arrested

from antiracistaction: In response to Mob Attacked Specific Group of People Inside Tinley Park Restaurant On Saturday, May 19th a group of 30 anti-fascists descended upon Ashford House restaurant in the Chicago suburb of Tinley Park where the 5th annual … Continue reading

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Statement from Eric Desouza on his current situation

from bayareaabc: My situation? My situation is totally fucked. What else can I say? I think I went down on some bullshit charges. I also think anybody in my shoes would have made the same decision to cop a plea. … Continue reading

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Italy: Mussolini’s crypt in Predappio vandalized with anti-fascist graffiti

translated from culmine by B.pd/act for freedom now: On 26th November 2011, following an antifa direct action graffiti were left and paint was thrown at the entrance of Mussolini’s crypt in the graveyard of Predappio (Italy). A few days later the local … Continue reading

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Sacramento, CA: Comrade Eric “The Nazi Slayer” released

from anews: The Nazi Slayer is OUT! Released from the concrete maze of caskets back unto his friends and loved ones arms, and sadly, also back into the acidic masquerade of existence under hegemonic power and control of exchange, capital … Continue reading

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Letter from Jock Palfreeman in response to the CCF proposal for a “Black International”

we receive and publish: Greetings and solidarity To all the prisoners of war we call comrades. My name is Jock Palfreeman, I’ve served almost 4 years of a 20 year sentence for defending two Roma against a nationalist attack of … Continue reading

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Seattle, WA: Neo-Nazis beaten with sticks and run out of occupation

On the night of October 29th, the Occupy Seattle group moved to the campus of Seattle Central Community College. The idea of moving to the college had been circulating for over two weeks with the administration getting wind of the … Continue reading

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Arvada, CO: Nazi Graffiti Covered Up by Antifascists

from Rocky Mountain Antifa: We are pleased to state that our inaugural post as Rocky Mountain Antifa is a post of substance and action. A report and several pictures informed us of a rash of Nazi graffiti in East Arvada. … Continue reading

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