North Carolina: Prisoner’s Hunger Strike Ends Successfully

from anarchistnews:

On July 15th, North Carolina prisoner and anarchist James Graham began a hunger strike at Lanesboro CI in solidarity with the thousands of striking prisoners across California. For over a year Graham has been isolated in solitary conditions similar to those being protested by the prisoners of Pelican Bay, where California’s hunger strike began.

In addition to acting in solidarity with California’s prison rebels, Graham also used his strike to address a number of immediate issues surrounding living conditions on lock-up at Lanesboro. Less than a week after submitting his demands along with an announcement of his strike, most of his requests were addressed. We recently received word of this by mail. Below is a list of the demands accompanied by the results of the strike.

“This notice brings to light a hunger strike that will start on July 15th, 2011 and includes the following demands:

-Provide toilet brushes, so that prisoners can adequately clean their toilets on lock-up during weekly clean-up.
Results: On 7/19, the Unit Manager and Assistant Unit Manager came personally to show me we now have toilet brushes to clean our toilets.

-Provide shower mats outside the shower, to prevent injury by slipping.
Results: On 7/22, the Asst. Unit Manager passed ou shower mats to go outside the showers on every block.

-Provide Adequate Food/Medical Soft Diet. We want wholesome nutritional food served in sanitary conditions. Also, I requested personally to be put on a soft vegan diet due to a medical condition.
Results: On 7/20, I was finally placed on a soft vegan diet after being denied and lied to by saying, “There is no such thing…” Also, prisoners have been saying that portions have increased.

-Fix Prisoner’s Nightlights.
Results: On 7/18, maintenance men came to every block and replaced ever prisoner’s bulbs that were out.

-Provide Adequate Medical Care. We want nurses to execute prompt response to sick-calls and medical emergencies and to perform daily seg checks.
Results: On 7/21, they finally called prisoners for sick-calls that had been waiting for over a month. They still haven’t been performing daily seg checks to check on the well-being of lock- up prisoners.”

We’ll do our best to keep folks updated about struggles going on at Lanesboro, particularly if there is a need or call for outside solidarity actions of any kind. We hope that small victories like this one can encourage greater unity and resistance behind the walls.

In love and rage,
-a few anarchists against prison

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