Chile: Urgent! Cristobal Bravo’s “freedom” revoked

from libertadalos14a via Culmine (September 22nd)

Today they repealed the “precautionary measure” against the vegan anti-authoritarian comrade Cristobal Bravo Frake, accused of participating in an attack on an agent of authority, during the commemoration of September 11th in Chile (the date of the military coup in 1973).

Even though last week they decided preventive imprisonment was unnecessary for Cristobal and granted him “liberty” for a bimonthly signature, today they reversed this measure and he has been imprisoned in Prison No. 1 of Santiago.

For now we don’t have more information about the current situation, like the argument that was made that he would stay in preventive imprisonment, but we hope for more details about it from those who have previously spoken about him.

“Neither their prisons nor their hangmen will stop the street battles”
—Cristobal Bravo

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