Denver, CO: Amelia Nicol hospitalized and jailed by DPD in retaliatory squat raid with three others

Update 10/28/11 @4:39PM: Bond has been posted for Amelia. She will be out on Monday at the latest, today at the earliest. Jonathon is still locked up pending huge money and collateral payments. Unfortunately, the DA went ahead with charging all four of the squatters with felony 2nd degree burglary.

Update 10/27/11 @7:17PM: Jonathon will be held until at least November 9th because of prior legal issues. The State will not grant him bail. Amelia is still in jail and has a court date at 8AM tomorrow morning in room 2300 . It is unclear at this time whether or not the district attorney is going to file charges. The Denver Anarchist Black Cross is still soliciting donations to get Amelia out and keep Jonathon with a healthy commissary account while he is in.

Update 10/26/11 @ 10:38AM: Sam and Victor are free! They were released yesterday afternoon and in the arms of friends and comrades. Amelia and Jonathon are still in jail, but folks are talking to them daily and putting money in their commissary. Currently no charges have been filed, all the arrestees were being held for investigation on 2nd degree burglary charges. This means that Amelia and Jonathon could be released within the coming days provided the district attorney is unable to file charges.

Update 10/24/11 @ 9:24PM: Sam and Victor have been bonded out and will be released in the morning. Amelia’s court date is tomorrow morning at 10AM in room 2300 in the Van-Cise Simonet detention center. Johnathon is still in custody pending a $5,000 bail.

Update 10/24/11 @ 4:00PM: The Westword has published the names of those arrested in the squat raid last night. Ignite! was privy to this information before they published it, however, due to respect of the privacy of the arrestees we were holding off on publicizing their names until a legal strategy had been formed. Here are their names and statuses: Sam Carlson and Victor Jaime are being held on $3,500 bail, and Johnny Shepard is being held on a $5,000 bail because of his previous arrest and bond status from events at Occupy Denver.

Amelia Nicol, the same person who was arrested at an anti-police march in May and recently beat attempted murder of police officers, arson, and other charges last month, was the squat occupant who was beaten by at least 8 pigs and hospitalized. They are being held on $5,000 bail as well, and have a court date at 10AM tomorrow in courtroom 2300 at the Van-Cise Simonet detention center. The four local homeless youth are all charged with 2nd degree burglary, a class three felony, for squatting in a house in the Jefferson Park neighborhood that had been abandoned for several years.

Update 10/24/11 @ 12:49 PM: The police had sealed off two blocks near the squat in order to clear a “suspicious bag or package.” The person who was hospitalized has been transferred to protective custody in the jail and will have a hearing tomorrow in room 2300 at 10AM. The three arrested during the raid had hearings today where their bonds were reduced. Two of them are eligible for bail, and the Denver ABC is working on amassing $700 to achieve this. If you are able to help in any way, please visit their blog and send them an email.

The third person arrested has outstanding cases after being arrested at Occupy Denver earlier this month and is being held due to their complicated legal situation.

Please stay tuned to this page and follow @DenverABC on twitter for more updates.

Update 10:19pm: There will be a solidarity rally for those arrested tomorrow at 5PM on Colfax and Delaware. 3 of the arrested have been booked on second-degree burglary charges, which are class 3 felonies. They are being held on $10,000 bail each and have a court date in room 2300 in the Van Cise-Simonet detention center at 10AM tomorrow. Those looking to help should email the Denver Anarchist Black Cross. The fourth, who hasn’t been booked, is still unconscious in the hospital. Their charges are unknown at this time.

from the Denver Anarchist Black Cross:

About an hour ago, a squat in the Jefferson Park Neighborhood of Northwest Denver was raided by over a dozen officers from District 1 of the Denver Police Department. At least 3 people were arrested, an another person was taken away in an ambulance.

Witnesses report that the raid was very violent, with at least 8 officers repeatedly beating one of the arrestees, and eventually using paramedics to sedate them while they laid face down, bleeding, in the street.

The squat raid comes less than 24 hours after a rowdy and effective nighttime march against Police Terror, which saw hundreds of participants snake through Denver, blocking streets, confronting police, and shutting down the commercial district of downtown Denver on a busy Saturday night. Reports from media indicate that several bank windows were broken, and hundreds of stickers and other graffiti redecorated the city landscape. One arrest was reported, and DABC is organizing support for this person.

Our comrades from today’s arrest need your support! We cannot be fooled into thinking that this is not in some way a retaliatory attack for last night’s actions. Members of the squat have been active in the Occupy Denver movement, and have been active in other local community organizing.

If you can offer support, we need it. Denver ABC’s resources have been strained and tapped from the 48 arrests from last week’s Occupy Denver protests, and now with an additional 5 arrests that we’re trying to support, we’re really hurting.

Things we need:

-Money for bond for our comrades! Charges, bond amounts, etc.. are unknown as they have not yet been booked, but we need to start collecting money, as we know we’ll need it.
-Volunteers for court observation, running errands, helping bond folks out, etc… our collective members are worn out, overstretched, and in need of help with this. Especially from folks with vehicles.
-Food for folks working legal line, and generally on 24 hour legal support mode. We love pizza, pop-tarts, snacks, soda, etc… anything to keep us going.
-You! If you can be available for any future court solidarity, solidarity actions, or other events, please let us know! We apologize to folks who have contacted us in the last week who have not heard back about these things. We’re super stretched right now, and will be hitting you up in the next day or two.

Can you help? Conatct us ASAP: or ABC legal line: 720-328-3431

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