Denver, CO: Cop shop and bank attacked in solidarity with Oakland Commune, Atlanta, Occupy* and Denver squatters (communique)

From Colorado Indymedia

October 27th, 2011, original title “Escalation.” communique:

Last night, under the cover of the season’s first snow, a bank and a cop shop (snitch station) were attacked by masked individuals in the Five Points area of Denver. This action was taken in soldiarity with the Oakland Commune and Atlanta under siege, with Denver squatters, and with occupiers everywhere. The banks are an obvious target, as too should be the lapdogs of The Capitalist State, the Police Department. Their days are numbered so long as our resistance intensifies. Revolt, Occupy, Fight Back! Smash all banks and all borders, no love for snitches!

With Love,
The Terry Merrorista Brigade

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