Atlanta, GA: Conflict escalates in occupation; call for solidarity actions

from anews:

Today was the day demonstrators with Occupy Atlanta had decided to re-take Troy Davis Park while maintaining solidarity and presence at the Taskforce For The Homeless (the foreclosure at the shelter has been delayed).

The day was relatively upbeat with vibrant participation, roughly 400 people by day and around 300 by the time the park was set to close. Food was served, tents were set up, the General Assembly (which is running very smoothly these days) went off without trouble, and a freestyle rap session amped up the crowd as the sun went down.

At about 10:30pm, 30 minutes before the closure of the park, the police began erecting two rows of barricades. It was relayed that the police would not be making an announcement, but that when the park closed, arrests would occur.

The professional liberal activists called an impromptu meeting for people who were “willing to get arrested” (civil disobedience: breaking the law legally) where they pushed through an agenda of idiocy: we could make the city look really silly if we organized to have just 1 person arrested…

Pure media obsession.

Luckily, no one gave a fuck about this plan when the pigs actually rode up.

Helicopters overhead, riot police in huge numbers, mounted police, road blocks and police cars in every direction, barricades and obvious police infiltrators were out in full force. The park de-camped rapidly to seize the streets with much support from participants of the local (A)-team.

A slow march went up Peachtree with the intention of walking around the park. The police, however, were mobilizing rapidly so the march returned to Peachtree Street to be in full view of the park. The pigs moved to erect more barricades which would be kicked the fuck over immediately. Newspaper boxes and other debris was dragged and tossed into the street (and subsequently dragged back onto the sidewalk by the liberal citizen-police) after a police officer on a motorcycle RAN INTO THE CROWD, RUNNING MORE THAN ONE PERSON OVER.
As the cop crashed into the people, fists flew and the pig was shoved off is his motorcycle.
At least one individual, who was run over, was dragged away by pigs and arrested (many arrests followed but most of those who were hitting the cop seemed to evade consequence).

A surge of people surged the police line and forced the police back into their own barricades on the Woodruff Park Plaza on the North side of the park. At this point, circle A’s and anti-cop graffiti began to decorate the area.

The mounted pigs were closing in from the flank and people linked arms prepared to confront them. A few citizen-cops decided to repeatedly “remind” the crowd that we were “a nonviolent movement” (as people chanted “Drag those animals off those horses!”).

More newspaper boxes were dragged into the street which resulted in liberals using physical violence to restrain the “violent ones” – one demonstrator was punched in the face by a citizen-cop.

At this point, the riot pigs began to move in. Like a phalanx, they made slow, methodical progress snatching anyone within reach.

Anti-cop slogans began to gain popularity.

After a slow, trudging, face-off, the police ended up kettling the entire demonstration and forcing everyone onto the sidewalks.

Roughly 20 arrests.
Some of these people were beaten with batons by the police, some were jumped by officers (up to 9 and 10 on 1) and more than one were RUN THE FUCK OVER BY A COP ON A MOTORCYCLE.
Those who were run over are being charged for assaulting the officer.

Court is closed tomorrow and we are asking for solidarity actions in other cities.

Denver, don’t think we didn’t appreciate that shit.

“Drag those animals off those horses”

“Get those pigs back in their sty/we the people occupy!”


“Fuck the pigs/we don’t need ’em/ what we want is total freedom”

“Show me what a police state looks like/this is what a police state looks like”

“Disobey your orders”

“No justice, no peace/fuck the police”

+ a slew of other shitty liberal chants.

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