Uruguay: Incendiary attack on Santander Bank

from liberaciontotal, translated by war on society:


In the morning of Wednesday December 7 we decided to attack Santander Bank (on calle Rondeau) with two molotov cocktails.

This bank is involved in financing hydroelectrics that affect the Amazon forest in Brazil.

We also want to point out the hypocrisy of this bank, which with its discourse of “social responsibility” steers farcical campaigns like the so-called “TELETON” utilizing different people’s problems in order to boast of solidarity. In this case Santander was the primary driver and sponsor of this event where different businesses cleaned their image by giving money to this institution, when really these businesses are the causes of the ills by the lifestyle they impose and also the principle drivers of the devastation of the earth and the consequences this carries.

We want to take this opportunity to say also that the leftists are not different than the right-wingers. That these leftists are oxygenating to capitalism, giving it new tools to take hold, develop new techniques of control, persecution, repression, enclosure, and murder among so many other things. In this world and in particular this month of so much consumption we want to make it clear that nothing is well as they want to make us believe.

Finally let us say that every bank (state or private) is the sustainer of this reality of exploitation, exclusion, because they are a fundamental part of the assemblage that makes up capitalism as a whole, because money is the center of life.

Against the state and capital.

Solidarity with Tamara!! captive in Spain, Santander Bank’s place of origin.

Solidarity with the warrior Luciano Pitronello “Tortuga”!!!, kidnapped by the Chilean state for the detonation of an explosive device in a Santander Bank branch in Santiago, Chile.

To all the comrades sequestered in the different prisons of the world.

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