Russia: Brief report on the last month’s insurrectionary activity

from blackblocg (follow the link to watch all videos embedded):

Cheers, dear comrades!

Here is a brief report on radical acts of social confrontation in Russia since 9th November and until today. Nowadays we are faced with the pre-revolutionary situation of great people’s disturbance all over the country after parliamentary elections, where United Russia, the party of the ruling bunch of corrupted bureaucrats and oligarchs, took its “victory” due to massive falsification. We all hope here, that this not only beginning of the end of this semi-authoritarian regime, but also the dawn of people’s liberation – libertarian revolutionary struggle.

09.11.2011 – the office of United Russia party was set on fire by a group of guerrillas in town Shelkovo, Moscow Region. In their communiqué, comrades declare that this office has conquered a building, which in previous times was occupied by nursing home. So that was an answer of the people to United Russia, which is so ‘care’ of those who needs help.

Video from this action: Click to download in FLV format (1.64MB)

11.11.2011 – R.A.T.S. (Red and anarchist terror section), guerrilla group from St-Petersburg has torched a bulldozer in Udelnoe woodland park, where Gazprom company holds building of the football stadium with deforestation.

Video from this action: Click to download in FLV format (2.39MB)

04.12.2011 – anonymous group has set on fire by Molotov cocktail the office of United Russia party in Bryansk-city. Fire has damaged an office furniture inside. THIS DAY WAS A DAY OF PARKAMENTARY ELECTION, SINCE THAT THERE HAS BEEN STARTED A WAVE OF PROTESTS.

05.12.2011 – ALF group torched a car of so-called “forest service” in game preserve in Moscow region.

05.12.2011 – On the same day in the city of Penza a DIY-bomb was rendered in front of large police center. None took responsibility for it.

09.12.2011 – CCF-Russia has burned a police car somewhere in Russia…

Video: Click to download in FLV format (5.17MB)

10.11.2011 – in Ufa city, a capital of Bashkortostan republic, part of Russian Federation, anarchist guerrilla squad has set on fire another office of United Russia party, blaming them for stealing public wealth.

Video from their action:

Passionate times are coming: raging crowds are gathering! Viva la Revolution!

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