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Olympia, WA: Attack on Washington Loggers’ Association building; International call for libratory earth violence

from anews: On the night of June 11th in the sleepy town of Olympia, WA, we laid waste to the Washington State Loggers’ Association building, breaking out all 24 of their windows and leaving the painted message “YOU ARE NEVER … Continue reading

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Anarchists Must Attack What Only Anarchists Can Attack, or why we should support the Anarchy Bridge! 5

from anews: It’s May 2012 and we anarchists are occupying a very crucial position in the ongoing struggle against Control. The position of violently attacking and dismembering it! I’d like to throw in here that when I use the term … Continue reading

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Oregon: ALF claim of responsibility for pheasant liberation

from pugetsoundanarchists; communique: Last night, the night of March 14th, we infiltrated the property of Queener Ridge Pheasant Company (40485 Queener Drive, Scio, OR) which breeds ringneck pheasants primarily to be murdered in commercial canned hunts. After jumping a barbed … Continue reading

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Russia: Claim of responsibility for cell phone tower arson

from 325: 2 cell phone towers torched south of Moscow (Rostov-na-Donu direction). The cottage settlement we chose to disable is a popular site among hunters. And not only that. Local residents decided to add to the abuse of wild life … Continue reading

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Letter from Luciano Tortuga to the Indomitable hearts – 7 months since the attack failed

from liberaciontotal, translated with endless love and respect for Tortuga by war on society: Note from the group of friends and lovers of Tortuga: Publishing this letter, at this time, could mean hellish punishment for our cub, but the urgency … Continue reading

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Italy: Communique for attacks on two banks in Frascati, Rome

from vivalaanarquia, translated by war on society (it is a partial translation because some parts we found unintelligible): 12/22/2011 Frascati (Rome) The newly inaugurated DeutscheBank in the main plaza of Frascati was hit, the windows and ATMs were destroyed. In … Continue reading

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Russia: Brief report on the last month’s insurrectionary activity

from blackblocg (follow the link to watch all videos embedded): Cheers, dear comrades! Here is a brief report on radical acts of social confrontation in Russia since 9th November and until today. Nowadays we are faced with the pre-revolutionary situation … Continue reading

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Oregon: Communique claiming railway sabotage by anarchists

from anarchistnews: On the night of November 28th, 2011, we sabotaged a rail line in Southern Oregon as part of a coordinated effort to disrupt the flow of commerce on the West Coast. We got tired of watching trains pass … Continue reading

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Mexico: Strike after strike, a recount of Black September

from 325 (this text is about a month old but helps provide context for recent events in Mexico and the joint statement of insurrectional and eco-anarchist groups in Mexico, below): On the first of September the press reported that a … Continue reading

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“Walter Bond is one of us…” Letter from the Antispeciesist Gathering in Greece

Walter was, is and will always be one of us. He was one of us when he torched the Sheepskin death Factory in Glendale, the Tandy Leather Factory in Salt Lake City, and the Tiburon restaurant in Sandy, where foie … Continue reading

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Clackamas, OR: A.L.F. Tears Down Fencing at Commercial Elk Farm

from bite back: On the night of August 29th, a small band of animal liberationists crept quietly onto the property of Damascus Elk Farm located at 23255 SE Highway 212 in Clackamas, OR. This farm raises dozens of Roosevelt Elk … Continue reading

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