Kitchener, ON: Communique for attack on office of member of parliament

from anarchistnews:

On the evening of December 8th, 2011 the office windows of conservative mp Stephen Woodworth, in kitchener-centre were decorated with paint-bombs! This action was done in solidarity with the indigenous community of ATTAWAPISKAT. This community like many other indigenous communities on turtle island are living in third world conditions, while the Harper regime spends millions on surveillance and infiltration of native groups and their allies. There seems to be a trend of bullshit responses from the Harper regime. Manitoba reserves ask for help with the swine-flu outbreak, you send body bags. Attawapiskat asks for help with their housing crisis and you send a 20th century “Indian Agent”. Fuck You Harper. This is just the beginning, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

*T.I.P.I.* Turtle Island Peoples Initiative

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