Greece: Claim of responsibility for the beating and robbery of a PASOK member of parliament

from actforfree:

On the night of November 23rd we tracked down the MP of PASOK S. Kouvelis boarding a luxurious Lexus, probably his car.

Without a second thought we decided to attack him.

We punched him and robbed him, as is done from the side of politicians.

In his bag which we confiscated, were: a laptop, documents of PASOK, expensive pens, credit cards with a total of 90.000 euro in them (!!!) and his MP identification card.

As well, we were amazed by the fact that his bag was full of condoms, what did that dirty old man want with them???

This action was a reaction to the daily violence we receive.

Freedom to our comrades.

Fighting salutes to the imprisoned members of the C.C.F.

Violence to the violence of authority.

Unknown anarchists

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