Argentina: Incendiary attack against excavator in La Plata

from culmine, translated by war on society:

In the early hours of Tuesday the 13th we carried out a small act of disobedience against the terror with which the State and its mechanisms of control threaten us: we poured 5 liters of gasoline over an excavator located on 61st street between 10th and 11th in the city of La Plata, then lit the flame of our rage which destroyed much of an apparatus ready to cement the urban order. The techno-industrial society with its consumerist life devours what nature is for its simple necessity of existing. The real estate business builds spaces for profits and promotes the eviction of those who squat uninhabited houses or lands for not having a roof over their heads. If anything was deepened in this model K it is the progress that finishes with the water, the air, the green and the health of all beings; mining, soy, petrochemicals, all multinationals organized to profit and increasing the industry that involves death and more death. Machines only serve the benefit of the rich, technology is developed in order to control us. Under the cement is the earth, and beyond the corset of daily life are our revolutionary yearnings that call us to act here and now against the eternal enemies.

A salute for Tortuga and for the indomitables who in Chile are being tried under the blackmail of the “Bombs Case” which is no more than an intimidation for those who publicly encourage the extension of the revolt in the streets and the construction of the anarchist life.

In memory of those executed 90 years ago in the Patagonia Rebellion

let’s defend nature, let’s attack capital

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