Australia: Attack on Melbourne public transport ticket and validation machines

from anews:

On Wednesday night majority of the Sydenham trainline ticket, myki and validation machines were sabotaged;

We cram ourselves into these steel tubes like sardines. Forced to endure the discomfort day after day, literally being crushed by society. The sweat, smell, and heat is unbearable. As we stand clinging to a stupid little loop, gasping for breath and shifting our weight from foot to foot aching from the tedium and muttering apologies to the fellow passengers we are crushing and suffocating, we can’t help but think of livestock packed together being transported to the slaughterhouse. Because work and consumerism is a slaughterhouse of our minds, and free will.

The public transport system is an essential apparatus of capitalist democracy. It is a conduit with the purpose of efficiently transporting the inhabitants of the metropolis between their homes, their workplaces, and the shops. Making our exploitation by managers and bosses possible. Limiting our actions to either work or consumerism.

We are subjected to constant surveillance in the stations, trams, busses and trains. Security personnel silently observe banks of monitors behind thousands of cameras. Vigilantly watching for “suspicious” behaviour. The ticket inspectors terrorise us into paying up everyday, they are nothing else than armed enforcers of capitalism who use violence and fines to guard the profits of companies who make millions of dollars everyday out of their need for us to travel to and from work.

We refuse to cough up more money in order to make the rich richer. They are parasites that are sucking the blood out of us. Fuck them. We wont pay for the rich to have a free ride into luxury.

We spend all our day at work at jobs we hate, making a profit for bosses that humiliate us. And with the meagre earnings we take home we buy into the illusion of happiness and freedom that we can find in the latest electronics, or clothing, cars, and other products which ultimately bring us neither happiness nor freedom. Our homes have become merely the location where we recover from the previous days work and await the alarm clocks chime which interrupts our sleep and signals us to proceed again to work.

And now the metcops who fulfil their role as armed enforcers of capitalism- guarding profits and threatening us with violence and fines if we refuse this exploitation.

We don’t demand cheaper, more efficient, or more punctual public transport. We attack this entire way of life. Even to make it free doesn’t satisfy us. We already ride for free everyday and refuse to pay or submit to the terrorism of the ticket inspectors. It’s not enough to merely evade the fare or hand our ticket to the next passenger boarding the carriage, an invisible rebellion against these circumstances which we all hate. This whole system must be attacked and sabotaged.



Artful fare dodgers

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