Letter from Marco Camenisch in solidarity with the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire

from culmine:

Dear comrades of the first phase of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire:

Perhaps too late and certainly too briefly, I respond to your call, to your proposal.

But I respond with a heart of solidarity, within the timeless time of the struggle for freedom.

I respond with warm and revolutionary love, within the timeless time of our revolutionary path without history, beyond any false story of the rulers, where our generations in struggle are the only and always-living present.

I salute and embrace you as I embraced the signals, the many brave signals of your actions and words and those of others, and others like us, that reach me in the about 7,000 days of prison without the least boredom, desperation, or repentance. They are signals of persistence, continuity and of the diffusion of the struggle for freedom in which 0 or 7,000 days of prison don’t matter, because they are signals of this same struggle, because what matters is the struggle for life, for freedom. What doesn’t matter are the years, centuries of prison or our deaths in combat. Yes, they weigh on us like mountains… but it doesn’t matter because, if the struggle lives, we will continue to live, we will continue to live although we are dead or spend centuries in prison, we have fallen as free women and men, and that is what we remain. Because one who has truly lived and lives the struggle has lived and lives the freedom that unites us. In this, then, our rebel spirit can never go back to the vile and annihilating slavery of this civilization of thieving masters and murders, with their history and their epoch of destruction and exploitation.

A rebel and insurgent spirit is a serene spirit, a spirit without time because it lives in a continuous present made of solidarity. Solidarity which by definition unites generations, unites efforts, unites action, unites our lives, unites our hearts, as different and physically distant as they may be, they have lived, live and will live!

They may do their trials, but these are nothing more than the signs of their cowardice, of their fear, of their decline. They may call us terrorists, this is just the sign that we hit the target, it is just a signal of their defeat in the face of every indication of the rampant insurrection. Insurrectional rumblings and insurgent individuals who, one by one and all together, demonstrate that they don’t support their government, their terror, their lies and divisions that for millennia they have used continuously to maintain their exploitation and domination, to continue their crazy path toward global destruction.

Solidarity, love, and courage to you, comrades of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire, to you who already have a name that they want ridiculously put on trial, but the revolutionary struggle cannot be judged!

Solidarity, love and courage to you, comrades of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire without names–the second phase, that, carrying the revolutionary offensive and retaliation, makes masters tremble and so too their servants–you are the living demonstration that the revolutionary struggle cannot be judged!

Solidarity, love and courage to you, comrades all over the world, who are the rampant insurrection and organization that will defeat every authority, every State, every master, giving back life, giving back the future, giving back freedom to this world.

For permanent insurrection, until total Liberation, Anarchy!


Marco Camenisch, November 2011, from the Swiss jail

edited slightly for clarity by war on society.

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