Bolivia: Communique from the Wrists of Fire Insurrectional Command FAI-IRF

from culmine, translated by war on society:

From Indonesia to Chile…
and passing through every path

“The most productive solidarity with respect to prisoners and to the struggle that is being carried out, is that of making one’s own struggle, extending the struggle where we live.”
Constantino Cavalleri

In the early hours of Wednesday December 21 of 2011, we have set fire to a pair of ATMs in the city of La Paz, in one of the wealthy neighborhoods of the city’s south. Carrying out all the steps in joint and organized form so that our attacks see the fire of success, we used chemical mixtures of Napalm, an incendiary charge and the necessary measures to set fire to the destruction of capital and our salute to the anti-authoritarian warriors.

This action, carried out in coordination with the Incendiary Solidarity Cell, is our form of taking to the streets and spreading the struggle in light of the call from the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire: “from Indonesia to Chile.”

To set fire to a couple of ATMs is for us an attack that transcends simple material damage; these actions of our signify from one angle a direct attack on one of the venues of capital: the banking institutions. Burning them signifies an anarchist sabotage to the money totem and a disregard for the social values associated with purely material (economic) well-being and thus an attack on power.

But on this occasion it means above all a message of fire for all imprisoned comrades and those who face “justice” in Greece, Chile, Indonesia and in each one of the paths in which power has felt hurt and seeks revenge.

Showing solidarity with the political prisoners as we anarchists have always done: through action; we salute with applause the escape attempt of the comrades of Conspiracy of Cells of Fire in Greece. The anti-prison struggle gains power with mutiny as a strategy. From outside we are attentive, ready to help these shows of confrontation with control, ready to carry them out as well. Your courage inspires us in this anarchist revolution.

The cages of “democracy” are the clear demonstration of the social values of punishment, isolation and exclusion that the “civilized” countries use against those who dare to question the norms of power, the authority, hierarchy and domination. They are the physical representation of dominion, and of the mythification of the democratic systems that deny all critique, rebellion and insubordination–hiding, caging and denying the freedom of those who do not accept their rules of a life of consumption and slavery. But the prisons at the same time show the conviction of society around punishment and imprisonment, the same denunciations, the seeking of prison for any kind of “offense” shows how deep the prison system has caught on in the mentality of the individuals who have lost the autonomy of solving their own problems. In these ideas and practices of power, that seek to deny freedom to individuals, lie one of the worst forms of domination.

From here, we seek with our action to destroy part of those values: Showing solidarity with the imprisoned comrades and at the same time attacking an aspect of economic power materially with fire and uniting us with the strongest weapon of the anti-authoritarian struggle: solidarity.

Neither bars nor sentences can stop the affronts to power

The FAI-IRF raises its fist from innumerable lands

Anti-authoritarian warriors, let us together form a history where freedom is not given nor expected, but rather is lived.

Strength to the compañerxs
Zerman Elias Vallejo, Gonzalo Zapata, Cristóbal Franke- Mono, Luciano Pitronello
Mihalis y Giorgos Nikolopoulos, Hristos Tsakalos y Giorgos Polydoros

In memory of compañero ALEXANDER GRIGOROPOLUS

Wrists of Fire Insurrectional Command
Comando Insurreccional Muñecas de Fuego


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