UK: Claim of responsibility for incendiary attack on bank depot


from bristol indymedia:

At 4:30 am on Thursday 15th of december we attacked Bristol LLoyds bank depot in solidarity with comrades imprisoned in Greece, Chile, Switherland and all over the world. We painted the message “UNTIL ALL ARE FREE” on the building and positioned three bins of flamable material soaked in gazoline in front of their wooden doors and set them alight. Unfortunately our attempt to burn the building down was scuppured by fast emergency services response.

We took this action to send our love and Solidarity to our Revolutionary Struggle comrades on trial in Greece and to the Chillean comrades persecuted for the “bomb case“, also to Silvia, Costa and Billy the Swiss comrades persecuted for “IBM nanotechnology building” and for all those Imprisoned for their political beliefs.


anarchists individuals/ cells of FAI

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