Australia: Communique for the counter-attack against transit cop violence

via 325: On Monday afternoon [19.12.11] a young man riding an Upfield train in peak hour was pushed to extremes in order to attempt to escape the terror and punishment of Metcops and the law.

In his efforts at evading both everyday beat pigs and their Metro lackeys he was left no option but to attempt to get back onto an already moving train on Platform 2 of North Melbourne Station or face fines, embarrassment and the physical and psychological violence that inevitably presents itself every time a person is arrested or detained by the cops. We must recognise that the actions of the cops and Metpigs created this circumstance that put this man’s life in danger.

Unfortunately he was not successful at escape.

Fortunately he is still alive.

After undergoing extensive surgery he has now lost part of one hand from the fall according to mainstream media reports.

This man’s blood, fear and pain rest not only on the hands of those who were chasing him through that train and on that Platform but on the hands of all Metcop scum that arrogantly patrol our trains and our stations daily. Whose purpose is to force our hand into our pocket and cough up our measly wages so that we can navigate paths through this city – to our friends, families, to food and of course our work where we must sell our lives to buy our legality.

We choose not to wait until more tragedies occur on our train lines and in our stations but feel the need to act immediately to express our solidarity with all fare evaders, escapees of the law and to state clearly that Metcops, ‘real’ cops and “protective services officers” are our daily enemy that we all must avoid, outsmart and outrun.

North Melbourne Station is an obvious location to attack as it was the scene of this horrific accident. Despite your surveillance, under the cover of night we will let our rage spill, we will shatter your smug notions of immunity. They must be held accountable.

They are breathing a sigh of relief that they did not kill that man on Monday, but only because they fear public outcry, fear losing their job – not because they give a shit about his life. Does wrongdoing look like a person without a ticket? Or a person chasing that person to near death in order to hand out a fine?

Against “protective service officers”, cops and metpigs patrolling our public spaces.

For immediate responses to inevitable future misues of power by all forms of authority.

Solidarity to our recovering friend whom we may never meet.

Solidarity to all free riders.

Two friends have been taken in for questioning in relation to this attack. May we give open, ongoing solidarity to them in this time. Let us take this oppurtunity to broaden this resistance on every level – the mainstream media have taken it on board and its everybodies responsibility to trash the pigs cover-up story of their guilt. SPEAK UP / ACT UP

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