Chile: Incendiary-explosive attack on BancoEstado

from vivalaanarquia, translated by war on society:

After 10pm yesterday, Wednesday December 21st, a group of 8 comrades who traveled in three white vans set fire to a barricade on Av. Libertador Bernardo O’Higgins 2690 (at the corner of Rodulfo Philippi) in the Central Station neighborhood. After sitting fire to the barricade, they proceeded to attack a branch of BancoEstado located nearby. The bank ended up with its windows shattered and with an ATM burned.

There are two versions of what really happened. One says that the individuals threw a fire extinguisher full of explosive which blew up. The other, more accepted, version is that a molotov cocktail was thrown onto an accelerant that had been poured inside the place, which caused damages to the windows and a loud bang that was heard by the neighbors for several blocks around.

In any case, at the end of the action, all the attackers–who dressed in black and were hooded–fled the place without the police being able to follow their steps.

It is not know if the objective was to rob the ATM.

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