Before the year ends: A salute for the clandestine comrades and those incarcerated by Power

from liberaciontotal, translated by war on society:

The war against all authority is incarnated by comrades who sharpen our ideas and practices, sharing experiences in the heat of each battle. Anti-authoritarian combatants are not soldiers trained to annul our feelings and affects. Totally to the contrary, we are warriors, human animals who hate, suffer, love, laugh and enjoy in our choice to live giving life to our freedom.

Thus, we cannot forget our comrades who have had to go and disappear and cover their tracks as a consequence of having repression over them; nor can we act as if there weren’t hundreds of comrades–political, rebel, insubordinate, subversive (or however they want to call themselves) prisoners–all over the world who continue to fight within the prison, but it is in the street where we want them to be.

We cannot forget them because to forget the comrades is to betray them, ourselves, and the ideas that move our lives.

Without falling into the routine of capital’s time and its spectacles of the new year, we want to salute our comrades. We want to send them our strength because each year is a cycle and we have started off and lived many of these years embracing each other as brothers in the struggle.

We especially want to send our fraternal greetings to Gabriela Curilem, Diego Ríos, and all those comrades who decided to escape from the clutches of the enemy. It goes without saying that it is the same whether we know you or not. We only want you to know that we continue to be loyal to the insurgent ideas that unite us with you.

Because loyalty toward a comrade does not happen only by thinking about them or only wanting the enemy to not catch them; nor is it enough to want the prisoners to be in the street. Those desires have to make themselves into offensive action–open or secret–of conspiracy against authority, destroying its symbols and structures and annihilating daily its relations of power beginning with those that exist in our own life.

Dear comrades, we cannot embrace you, but through this channel we want to tell you that we continue to be comrades, we are still united in action and in the everyday practice of proud warriors, in solidarity and aware of our individual responsibility in the advance of the struggle. We want to tell you that between all among all those who forgot you, abandoned you, isolated and silenced you, we, a handful of anti-authoritarian combatants, continue to stand with our hearts, our propaganda and our deeds overflowing with the insurrection.

We do not forget, we will not keep your names silent and we will not allow the repression to paralyze the offensive against power.

With comrade Mauricio Morales always in our memories and action,
Gabriela Curilem, Diego Ríos and all the clandestinxs and prisoners of the social war.


Anonymous in solidarity
$hile December 2011.

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