Spain: Claim of responsibility for multiple actions by Nihilists’ Column in Barcelona

from 325, translated by war on society:

The city from the bombs will burn once again.

Claim of responsibility for attacks against authority, against capital, and for the propagation of revolt.

November 28: At 3pm in Montcada i Reixac attack on the CCTV system, attacking various (in)security cameras with hammers and strong cords.

December 6: At 5:30am a group of comrades blockaded Tessàlia street in the precarious neighborhood of La Mina, subsequently attacking a nearby bank branch in solidarity with the comrade Alexis Grigoropoulos.

December 12: Blocked Mercé Rodoreda street at 8am, then hurled paint and pelted with rocks the windows of various fashion chain stores. Hours later at 9:30pm in the evening after the end of the march in memory of comrade Roger, various bank branches were attacked in Vila de Gràcia.

December 19: Two ATMs were attacked at Caixa Catalunya on Mare de Déu and Lorda streets with two molotov cocktails at 2:30am.

December 20: At about 11:00pm, a simple noise bomb was placed in the outskirts of the police station of the Glòries de lxs Mossxs d’Esquadra neighborhood. Hours later at around 1:32am, various security offices were attacked with hammers and heavy sticks.

Since we were young capital has oppressed us, since we were young we fight against capital! For an autonomous and savage insurrection!

We are witnessing a time that is very confusing and interesting at the same time. The long unemployment lines, the dozens of unemployed waiting for guilds and sites to give them a work post at 8am, the social cannibalism, the misery and poverty, the marginality of the suburbs and satellite neighborhoods are still undeniable evidence. Nevertheless, faced with the new political-economic conditions that are given, or are radicalizing, everyone acquires a position within the permanent social conflict. The system decides to radicalize, perpetuate and increase total control. The presence of cameras that convert metro stations or supermarkets into bunkers spread and are extended to the field of the anti-capitalist demonstrations.

The system radicalizes, and so do we. Contemplating the exaggerated police apparatuses, the omnipresence of CCTV cameras and the other particulars of an authoritarian system, we understand that the only possible alternative is the creation of a new paradigm based on human relations of affinity. The proliferation of riots and actions against authority and capital are more necessary than ever before.

Radicalizing since the system has radicalized! A breath of fresh air and a wide generational shift, a form of struggle based in the diffuse attack, in anti-authoritarian organization and autonomous assemblies far from bureaucratic organizations. To ignore the laws, since only thus can we achieve the change we want.

We do not attack only capital as vengeance for our economic situation, we attack it because simply it doesn’t please us. We don’t like this life condemned to automatic doors and gates, to continual qualification and to solely commercial thinking imposed by school, religion and modern bourgeois art. We don’t like the urbanism that only seeks to increase the productivity of the exploitation of individuals. As precarious youth we see ourselves lost in the environment of social exclusion. We have no possible future work, our future was ruined before we even were conscious. Thus, we have nothing except to proliferate the confrontations against what we don’t like, to continue with actions, to be irreducible, to hold on to a burning nail and not let ourselves be dragged by a country that is poorer every day.

We are on the side of the immigrants, the homeless, the precarious, the invisibles, we are on the side of those who squat and rob. Faced with a world based on authoritarian social constructions we are left with nothing but to destroy and to finish with the certainty of the routine, to occupy and expropriate.

A salute to the subversive people of the suburbs and the ghettos! To those who conspire! To those who break the pivots of the pavement and attack the banks! We see ourselves in the barricades, in rebellion.

Viva Exarchia and the resistance in the barrios.

Down with capital, the state and adult power!

For the freedom of the individual!

For diffuse anonymous and incendiary attack!

For the armed resistance of the lumpen and of the precarious class!

For combative resistance of the barricades against the neoliberal politicians!

Down with work!

Long live Anarchy!

Alexandros, Mustapha, Roger, Patricia Heras,
we do not forgive, we do not forget.

Nihilists’ Column

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