Oakland, CA: Update on comrade arrested at anti-police demo

from anews:

Our friend and comrade Jack was arrested last week at a Fuck the Police march in downtown Oakland. He is currently facing five felony counts of assault with a deadly weapon and is out on bond. He is in need of funds to hire a lawyer.

The march, called in response to police repression of Occupy Oakland, was scheduled on the third anniversary of the initial Oscar Grant riots. The march was fierce–lines were clearly drawn against the mainstream media and the OPD. An account of the march from Bay of Rage is available here. Jack was initially charged with two felonies and a misdemeanor and his bail set at $595,000. Three days later at the arraignment, the bail was reduced to $255,000 but the number of charges doubled–Jack is now being charged with five felony counts of assault on an officer with a deadly weapon and one misdemeanor count of wearing a mask. These charges and bail amount are far beyond those of other Occupy arrestees.

Through a massive fundraising effort, Jack was released on bond early last Saturday morning. Though Jack is out, the case is far from over. More fundraising is currently underway to raise the money needed retain a lawyer capable of defending against this set of charges. Our goal is not to make this case into a political cause; our goal is fight the case so we can continue the anti-political project. However to ensure decent legal counsel for the near future, over $7,000 must be raised. Please donate to the Paypal (allthecomradesoutofprisons@mail.com), spread the word about the case and consider having a fundraiser in your area. Direct your contempt wherever you like.

Long Live the Oakland Commune.

-Friends of Jack-

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